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October 2019
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5.5 million as the price for informational insufficiency

Derkach Anastasiya

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Why does your client have to think for himself how to approach the brand? As Scheduling worldwide practice shows, customers use whichever channel where they can get the best and swiftest help. But if your employee doesn’t mention these channels during the customer visit, you risk losing clients at all. Not good, right?

A global company with 200 million shares of e-commerce loses 5.5 million of possible purchases per month! It has 2 billiards of revenue per year, but as Scheduling research showed upon lack of informing about the alternative ways of getting purchase, they lose monthly around 33% of the profit.

For any company that works with end-users, it is important to form a base of loyal customers and anticipate their needs and actions. The more we know about customers, the more effectively we select offers, set up advertising and win loyalty. It is possible when you create your customer profile. For this purpose, it is needed to get the information from all the ways. To collect data from all channels and use it to improve customer experience is the goal of an omnichannel strategy. 

Different clients prefer different ways of communication. Someone prefers e-mail as a way of impersonal communication. And someone chooses to make a quick call rather than to wait for a response for hours. It is unreasonable to refuse to serve a part of the clients just because there is no wish to provide an answer through some channels. There is quite worthy financial justification for this: the search for a new client costs 5-10 times more than retaining the old one, and the reduction of outflow of only 5-10% increases profits to 75%.

Omni channels are used to communicate with customers at once, but thanks to the use of a single system, an impression of a continuous communication session is created, and customers notice and appreciate it immediately, which is very important. For the analysis of the omnichannel strategy results, it is very important to conduct regular monitoring of the loyalty program’s basic indicators. 

In order to improve customer experience, it is necessary to integrate customer contacts with the brand in social networks, on the website and offline in the appendix to social networks. For this purpose, it is necessary to implement the services of social network monitoring and a single CRM system.

One of the most successful samples of implementing an omnichannel program is a Disneyland experience. 

  • You can book and plan your entire trip on the website. Using the ‘My Disney Experience tool’ you can choose a place where you would like to eat during the day, select the attractions you want to visit and much more. 
  • The Disneyland mobile app helps you to locate and navigate to the attractions, check the approximate waiting time for each of them. Also, it can be used as a ticket to your planned fast-pass attractions. 
  • Magic Wrist Band can be your fast-pass ticket and photo storage device. You can also use it as a hotel room’s key or make any payments within the park, linking it to your credit card. 

Another brand that has excellent experience in omnichannel implementing is Timberland.

  • The company uses near-field communication technology “TouchWalls” to create a connection with its customers through the software that transfers data between two devices. The technology is used in the shop instead of e-commerce. When the tablet is pressed against the chip, information about the product or offer is displayed on the tablet. Customers don’t have to look for sales assistants in order to get more information. The personalization software on the tablet makes product suggestions for the user based on their shopping history. In this way, the company provides individualized experience.   

One more sample of good omnichannel practice is theSkimm. This journal reaches over 5 million subscribers worldwide.

  • Mobile app Skimm Ahead adds important events and announcements automatically to customers’ digital calendars.
  • The company presents gift boxes to subscribed customers. Such integration provides both a brand and a consumer with a wealth of information.
  • Major brands like Chase, Buick, and Starbucks sponsor content in theSkimm editions, using enviable 40% of email open rate, which is an additional or maybe even the main source of profit.

Use their positive experience in your own practice and increase the level of customer loyalty of your business. Your customers should always be informed through different ways of communication. It can be knowledge bases, live chat, website, social media, SMS, or email.

Our research shows that in almost 50% of cases our clients’ consultants suggested the pick-up from the store option as an alternative for obtaining a missing product. According to general statistics, customers do not tend to come back to the same store twice in case the product they are looking for is out of stock, resulting in a high possibility of a lost sale. At the same time, it is recommended to focus on home delivery or alternative product suggestions with the purpose to maintain the customer’s interest and satisfy the need.

An effective omnichannel customer support not only gets the company and its customers to one or two channels but also allows multiple channels to work together in order to provide impactful customer experience throughout the customer’s journey


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