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February 2020
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Best Practices to Improve Net Promoter Score

Derkach Anastasiya

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Introduction, or Proper Analysis is a Key to Success

When we look at the various hot performers, especially those with the top NPS rating, there is always something similar between them. Typically, these businesses have a really strong understanding of their audience needs. They continually and constantly measure operational performance, regularly collect employee engagement data and obviously pull together an impressive voice of customer as one of the main sources of information. In turn, top-performers do not measure these parameters in isolation, no distribution for separate departments.

How do they do that? First of all, it is a must to make surveys accountable. For that, agents and advisors should have access to their own customer feedback, so that they can develop their skills. All the way through to departments, teams, potential channels, a qualitative analysis of consumer reviews allows closing the loop with visitors and put things in your company right. Research should be conducted in real-time for getting the most relevant information and true emotions. There should be no cherry pick: all categories must be measured equally. This scheme is a better way of converting a detractor into promoter. If you take action quickly and make a hard work on your improvement-services, then you will reach your goals.

Steps to Perform: Best Practices to Improve Net Promoter Score

Any company should realize what actually drives their NPS. In majority of cases, customer engagement, their knowledge (awareness of the brand, in other words) and efforts to cooperate with the organization identify how much consumers are ready for dealing with the business.

To get control over your NPS, you should organize cooperation between departments in such a way that every employee feels responsible for improving services. So, your agents are welcome to show their best professionalism and the ability to be flexible and analyze in different circumstances and even under pressure. Here we come to an important mini-conclusion: NPS is not just a metric — its results should be integrated into your working rhythm. That means employee training is required. If your employees are not interested in their job and are to perform duties only, that will not lead to development. Let your advisors be more independent.

Here there is a list of other techniques which are considered effective and reliable for developing co-working in the team and thus improve NPS:

  • Fast follow-up — it demonstrates your attention and care for each customer.
  • Perfect your communication — the language used to contact clients is essential: find a happy medium between being formal and informal.
  • Say “no” to working in silos — the more steps a consumer has to make in for getting a reply on his request, the lower his satisfaction with your help will be.
  • Brand NPS — a business is to make this program recognizable internally.
  • Feedback Communities — your channels should be opened all the time, so that each consumer knows for sure how he can reach your company and provide his thoughts upon the services received.
  • Don’t focus on promoters only — for improving your customer experience, it is necessary to listen carefully to what detractors and passives say. They can be too critic often, but there is a grain of truth each time.
  • The length of the survey — even though getting to know NPS requires one simple question, the research should be deeper and longer. However, a few questions will be enough (definitely, ten is a maximum number).
  • 0 is a mark — do not forget to interact with customers who measure their willingness to recommend your brand so low: they are still engaged with your company.
  • Timely research — there is no need to be overfocused on NPS: each survey should be a sort of reply to any triggering situation within your company (for instance, new features are launched, etc.). Recent studies show that it is worth to notify customers before conducting this interview form: this action increases reply rates by 4-29%.

NPS Experience: Statistical Data

In accordance with research by Grigore Raileanu, you can hardly achieve NPS that exceeds 60. In 2018, the company with the best results was Salesforce: their metrics reached 66. The average score is a little bit lower: between 35 and 50. Zendesk has found the correlation between NPS and product or service type. The highest ratings belonged to internal teams, then to B2C and B2B organizations. NPS also depends on the industry.

London School of Economics offers us another statistics that proves the connection of NPS with the organization’s revenue. Basing on its study, for getting a 1% revenue growth, your NPS rating should increase of 7.


All in all, there are multiple ways to “polish up” your NPS characteristics. They work great in a complex. However, you may be unsure which step to make first for achieving more efficiency. Feel free to contact Scheduling Worldwide marketing specialists to find it out! Our services allow organizations to conduct and analyze NPS research and then implement its results into reality. Keep an eye on your brand success with us!

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