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Low sales of the target product with millions of investments in marketing and promotion? Our solution

With the help of the ‘Mystery Shopping’ program we have checked whether HoReCa staff told about the products, offered products and how exactly they did that, whether employees told about promotion and gave gifts to the visitors.

Jameson is a brand of traditional Irish whiskey. The John Jameson Distillery was founded in 1780 in the capital of Ireland, Dublin.



SPHERE: Alcohol Industry


REGION: Western Europe



What problem has the client faced?

Low sales of the target product with millions of investments in marketing and promotion.

The company appealed to us aiming to verify the conditions for the implementation of its goods promotion for HoReCa visitors. The promotion was held in order to increase customer loyalty and win more guests.

The conditions were to offer a visitor products of a certain brand and present a gift.

It was necessary to check the staff for fulfillment of promotion conditions and for providing gifts to customers.

Using the Mystery Shopper method, we have checked whether the employees:


  • told about products;
  • offered products and how exactly they did that;
  • told about promotion and gave gifts to the guests.


Along with that, we have also conducted a visit audit, checking whether there was an advertising information about promotion at the establishments (advertisements, booklets, etc.)

What have we suggested to the client?

We proposed to carry out the Mystery Shopping research in order to verify compliance with the requirements of promotion, that the company held in places where its products were presented.

What results have we got?

Having analysed the data obtained in the result of inspections by Mystery Shoppers, we found out that 90% of establishments did NOT comply with the promotion requirements.

The product was available in 95% of cases, but the promotion was not held, the staff did not offer products of the brand and did not present gifts to customers.

In the chart below we see that in 95% of cases the products were available, but the promotion was held only in 15% of establishments.

Also, the graph shows the difference between when the product was available at the establishment, but promotion was not carried out in the context of different cities.

Thanks to the Mystery Shopping program, we have identified that the expectations for the establishments and employees performance absolutely had not coincided with reality.

Most venues did not run the promotion, did not present gifts, and some of them did not even know about its implementation.

The results of our study have shown that the company could not control the work of distributors and sales representatives, control and motivate the staff of establishments, influence the ultimate user’s choice.

Inspected locations:

Twin Peaks (City 1) — 45

Sin City (City 2) — 45

BioShock (City 3) — 62

South Park (City 4) — 38

Springfield (City 5) — 43

  • due to the confidentiality restrictions, we do not provide real cities names, but imaginary places instead

We have also suggested:

Continue conducting Mystery Shopping and inspect all locations where products of the brand are presented.

Since the staff does not comply with the promotion requirements, it is necessary to involve employees, make the company and staff friends, make a HoReCa employee a brand Ambassador who will offer, tell and sell the products.

Along with that, we have proposed a Motivational visit: a Mystery Shopper checks whether staff offers products and tells about promotion. If an employee complies with the terms of promotion, a mystery shopper reveals himself and gives him a gift.

It is also necessary to involve agents and dealers, understand why they do not comply with the agreements and do not tell about promotion as it is a breach of obligations.

For this purpose, we have proposed a digital solution: the Sales Bomb program, written and specially designed by us.

Thanks to this program, we can see What, When and How they perform.

How it works

The program allows to see everyone who is involved in sale and resale of products, control the entire process, and also count how much and what product was sold today, by what sellers.

There is also an opportunity to learn and get training in the program. The company can teach how to sell their products, and afterwards, with the help of Mystery Shopper method, check how the sales are carried out.

Using the program, you can control the dealers work: to whom and what they sell.

We have suggested involving every member in this program and obligate to certain general regulations.

The study design value:

  • Found the key problem of poor sales: low awareness and supply of promotion – 90% of employees did not tell about the special offer.
  • The expectations for the establishments and employees performance absolutely did not coincide with reality. 
  • The promotion was not carried out by the majority of establishments, they did not present gifts, and some of them did not even know about promotion.
  • Difficulties in the consolidated control and motivation of HoReCa staff, and therefore – not enough influence on the ultimate user’s choice.
  • Saving millions of budgets in the future.
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