Low sales of the target product with millions of investments in marketing and promotion.


The company appealed to us to check the conditions for the implementation of the promotion of its goods for consumers in bars and restaurants.

The purpose of the promo is to increase sales and loyalty in order to attract new customers and expand the loyal audience.

What did we offer to the Client? 

We offered to conduct a comprehensive study using the Mystery Shopping method in the proposed mechanics.

Using the Mystery Shopper method, we analyzed:

– whether the staff of the establishments tells about the products

– whether they offer it and how they do it

– do they tell about the ongoing promotions and give gifts to customers

At the same time, we also conducted the visit of Open audit with checking the availability of POSM and promotional materials (advertisements, booklets, etc.)

What results did we get? 

Analyzed the data obtained through checks by Mystery Shoppers, we found out that 90% of establishments did not comply with the promotion conditions.

The product was available in 95% of cases, but the action was not carried out, the staff did not offer brand products and did not give gifts to customers.

Also, the schedule shows the difference between when the product was available in the institution, but the action was not carried out in the context of different cities.

As part of the study, we additionally suggested:

Continue to conduct Mystery Shopping and verify all locations where there are products of the Brand.

Since the staff does not comply with the promotion conditions, it is necessary to involve employees, make friends with the company and the staff, make the employee of the establishment an Ambassador of the brand, who will offer, tell and sell products.

At the same time, we introduced the mechanics of the Motivational visit: The Mystery shopper checks whether the employee offers the products and whether he tells about the promotion. If the employee complies with the terms of the promotion, the Mystery shopper is revealed and gives him a gift.

Of course, it is also necessary to involve intermediaries and dealers, to understand why they do not comply with the agreements and do not talk about the action because this is a violation of work.

We proposed a digital solution: the Sales Bomb program, written and specially developed by us.

Thanks to this program, we can see: What, When and How they do.

The program allows you to see everyone who:

  • participates in the sale and resale of products
  • control the whole process
  • count how much was sold today and what products, what sellers.

The company can teach how to sell their products, and then, using the Mystery Shopper method, check how sales occur.

With the program, you can monitor the work of dealers: to whom and what they sell.

We offered to involve all the figures in this program and tie it up under certain general rules.

The value of the study design:

    1. Found the key problem of low sales – low awareness and supply of target shares – 90% of the employees did not offer one.
    2. The expectations for the work of employees and institutions did not fully coincide with reality. 
    3. The promotion was not carried out by the majority of establishments, they did not give gifts, and some did not even know about the promotion.
    4. The difficulties in the consolidated control and motivation of staff of institutions, and therefore – not enough impact on the choice of the user
    5. Saving millions of budgets in the future




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