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Cooperation with 4Service was a successful solution in maintaining a high level of service and customer focus of our staff

The KLO gas station chain was founded in 1994, when the first filling station of the brand appeared in one Eastern-European city .



“Partnership with 4Service has turned out to be a successful decision for supporting high service level and customer focus of our staff”

We have implemented the services

‘Mystery Shopping’ to inspect the quality of service at the gas stations and in the fast food area

Anton Frolov

PR-director of Capital Chain of KLO gas filling stations


  1. Compliance with the standards of gas station personnel service
  2. Stable performance growth of staff motivation
  3. Increase of customer loyalty by several times

Anton Frolov

PR-director of Capital Chain of KLO gas filling stations

About the Client

The KLO gas station chain was founded in 1994, when the first filling station of the brand appeared in one city in Eastern Europe.

At the same time, the “KLO” company has defined its development strategy, taking as a basis the metropolitan region and offering consumers, in addition to all varieties of domestic gasoline, high-quality fuel from Europe.

The metropolitan chain of KLO filling stations outstands with innovative approach to running business and implementation of high technologies, and also a high level of service.

One of the latest KLO innovations is the launch of solar trackers that allow tracking the sun angle and move after the sun.


Service is the one of key competitive advantages in our market. Fuel at any gas station is just a fuel — a product, created in accordance with the strict quality standards.


In fact, in our segment a client chooses not goods, but the seller. That is why service is one of key links in the common chain. And for the KLO gas stations chain it is the top priority. Therefore, cooperation with 4Service has become a successful decision to support high service level and customer focus of our staff. Moreover, only satisfied customers will come back to us again, and positive experience depends mainly on our front-line employees — operators, cashiers, store staff.


  • keep track of trends in service standards;
  • introduce innovations — convenient video menu, high-quality fast food at gas stations;
  • assemble a good professional team, motivate and encourage it competently;
  • train staff on an ongoing basis;
  • monitor and respond promptly all feedback on the Internet;
  • control the quality of service not only at metropolitan gas stations, but also at those located in other regions;
  • organize specialized training on rising qualification level of gas station employees.


We managed to solve many of these challenges  using the service “Mystery shopper”.

“Mystery shopper” allows you to quickly identify weaknesses in service and to upgrade own staff qualification. Receiving the necessary information on a regular basis, we use it for strategic planning.

Among other unique innovations used in the KLO chain, there is a specialized car with a technical expert and diagnostic equipment, ready to help a client in case he is concerned about fuel quality or faces car troubles.

* Baseball culture in action and on guard of the best service!


Staff recruitment and motivation

The first and the most important factor — candidate’s portrait:

in our case, it is “a casual dress-code with a bat in his hands”!

And it doesn’t matter what accompanies an imaginary bat — sneakers or high-heel shoes, a tie or T-shirt… We are looking for the perfect employee, and an ideal employee — this is a potential first of all.


Complaints handling

Now we perceive a complaint as a gift from a customer, because it is a feedback that helps to find those shortcomings that may be invisible from inside.

Customers have an opportunity to leave feedback in any comfortable way. We are opened for all contact forms with our customers.


Corporate culture

Using the typology of corporate culture suggested by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, corporate culture at Klo is the synergy of “Baseball teams” and “Club culture”.


“Baseball team”

involves fast business decision-making.

Key successful employees consider themselves “free players ”, while workers with low rates fall out of the clip fast and “find themselves on the bench”.


Club culture

“Club culture” is characterized by loyalty, devotion and harmony, teamwork.

It is very similar to the army — here come young men and remain there forever, gradually moving towards higher positions.

Thus, for example, most gas station managers often started their career with the position of a fuel station operator.

Of course, the service is a reflection of corporate culture, and, in fact, the culture itself is a kind of projection on the service.


As a result of the quality improvement program implementation almost everything has changed, and the “mystery shopper” became one of the most effective techniques in the service pyramid.

We can say with confidence: if you occasionally get bored — go into the issue of service in the company.

As one popular series character said, “Sharpens the mind and invigorates imagination”. Good spirits and fun are guaranteed for a couple of years!

So, for example, you can find out and root out forever:

  • channels of communication not established at the proper level;
  • problems of technical and technological support;
  • hidden conflicts;
  • lack of additional resources and leverage.


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