What was the client objective?

The company turned to us with the aim of building a comprehensive HR strategy, developing a methodology for measuring the level of loyalty, satisfaction and employee involvement for the further implementation of the corporate promotion program and privileges.

Additional project objectives were also:

  1. Reduced staff turnover;
  2. Increase employee loyalty;
  3. Search for growth drivers e-NPS
  4. Improving company image.

What project design did we offer to the Client?

We have proposed:
● Development of a multi-factor methodology for assessing employee loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction
● Conduct a quantitative segmented study for all office and frontline employees
● Cohort study analysis;
● Definition of further data application to improve performance.

What results did we get?

We conducted a comprehensive quantitative study and initially mapped strengths and weaknesses:

The above chart shows the strategy for further improvements in the context of 4 key categories – Focus, Monitor, Promote and Maintain.

Below is the matrix detail:

  • Improve and work on them first (Focus);
  • Maintain and extend benefits (Promote);
  • Keep control (Monitor);
  • Maintain a level of satisfaction with these parameters (Maintain).

Focus – parameters that employees are not satisfied with, but which have a maximum effect on the overall satisfaction indicator. It is, therefore, necessary to work within these parameters in the first instance.

Monitor – factors with low satisfaction and low impact on the overall figure. Improving these indicators will not lead to a dramatic improvement in overall satisfaction.

Promote – factors with a high degree of satisfaction and a high degree of influence on the overall indicator.

Maintain – employees are satisfied with these parameters, but they have little effect on the overall satisfaction rate.

We identified key drivers of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction, improvement points, and areas of and areas of urgent attention.

The data were obtained in the context of:

  • Gender
  • Duration of work (up to a year of work, from 1 to 3 years, over 3 years of work)
  • Position: Management and subordinates.

Project value

A full-fledged personnel assessment system and methodology have been developed, within the framework of which:

  • Revealed the main trends of dissatisfaction;
  • Identified the most vulnerable categories of employees;
  • Gave recommendations for further improvement and development;
  • Offered solutions on how to work with staff and;
  • Prepared an analytical report with conclusions, confirmed figures, hypotheses and recommendations for the growth of key HR metrics.

Additionally, we proposed to conduct a full-cycle Mystery Employee study to assess the full journey map of company employees and to understand the specific problems at each stage of contact.

After the company takes certain steps to improve, we also suggested measuring the NPS of customers, in order to compare eNPS (employee loyalty score) and NPS (customer loyalty score).

At the moment we are additionally conducting a qualitative study. Focus groups will allow us to delve more deeply into the problems and to uncover additional insights.

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