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This is Pivbar

Cooperation with This is Pivbar restaurants

With the help of Mystery Shopping, we have evaluated subjective assessments, determined understanding of trends, NPS indices, and management of all operational processes.

This is Pivbar is a bar that brings beer culture to the world level since August 2016. 36,000 visitors per month in three restaurants in Kyiv.

Success Story

This is Pivbar

“There will be beer culture in Ukraine!”

“According to the personal experience, the others turned out not so successful. We had to change contractors often in the process, because they were unable to qualitatively accompany us and provide methodologically correct answer.

4Service helps to evaluate the quality and level of performance, and we can make competent management decisions in time.

We have identified attributes that are important to people, and thanks to Mystery Shopping we really see what we need to improve and upgrade basing on mystery shopper reports.”

We have implemented

  1. At least 15 mystery shopper visits per month in every location to get accurate measuring
  2. We have 14 attributes, which we started to measure with the help of 4Service
  3. Interviewed people and obtained the most important characteristics that they identified for themselves as important when choosing a place to chill out
  4. Evaluation of our attributes — scanning business activities through the guests’ eyes, as we do not see a lot ourselves and can not objectively evaluate


  1. Before the cooperation, we did everything intuitively. With the beginning of working together with 4Service, there is an actual transparent system appeared. Now we know for sure what customers expect from us.
  2. Recognition has grown, there is also a growth dynamics in popularity and prestige due to profiles.
  3. Thanks to the correct construction of communication platforms we have been receiving constant positive ratings from mystery shoppers for the most attribute parts for the entire period of activity.
  4. People who have already attended us or come for the first time — they experience a WOW-effect, as they see all space is “stuffed” with interesting people.

About the Client

36,000 visitors per month in three restaurants (Kyiv) considering the fact that the brand started developing since August 2016.

Beer assortment

50 sorts of tap beer and 50 sorts of craft beer, 3 km of beer pipe. 70 dishes of different cuisines of the world.

Unique concept

(6 months) we reinforce with physical and emotional attributes for the guests.

Drying-smoking unit

Own drying-smoking unit, beer guides.


01 A bar aims to make money. The brand has completely different objectives. The key strategic goal for the brand — a durable emotional bond and positioning in the guests’ minds that we are No. 1 when choosing a place to hang out.

02 Brand recognition and its conversion into increasing volume of visitors.

03 Generating brand loyalty through attracting guests.


01 Find out what characteristics are most important for people when choosing places to go out. After we have figured them out, we set a goal to match all those attributes as much as possible.

02 Manage all operational processes qualitatively, as well as understand the current NPS level, that is why we have started a successful cooperation with 4Service on evaluating and controlling the service quality

03 Develop a service vision — we have a unique service strategy that we plan to follow accurately. 

04 Our task is to “break” seasonality organizing interesting activities so the number of guests does not depend on a season.


Developed a methodology. First of all, using Mystery shopping we assess value judgement — in restaurant business perception is very important.

Implemented changes management.

We use Mystery shopper ratings to understand trends: what happens with attributes and in what direction the company is moving.

Managerial Decision Making on adjusting our actions using advanced questionnaires in order to bring the standard to our designed perfect sample.

Constant ratings supplied by 4Service mystery shoppers allow seeing the trend of that or another attribute with the possibility to expand innovations in each of them.

Understanding key moments thanks to the surveys provides an opportunity to direct efforts for training and internal changes in a real time mode.



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