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October 2019
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How digital company drums up its business with Scheduling

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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This is a story of how a company has almost lost its consumers because of the drastic influence on customer experience. We share this information with you because we aim to improve customer service around the world, including your effectiveness as well.

The only way to evaluate your conversion funnel and marketing campaign truly is to get data directly from your customers. That’s why one of our clients, who provides its services in 200 countries and has a long history of cooperation with the leaders in their spheres, decided to test its new product and identify possible bugs in it.

Product testing helps to find inconsistencies with the user experience and revise how users perceive the product. In addition, you can get a wide report about system errors and inconsistencies in integration, payment process and lacking functionality.

93% of our clients stated that mass testing is a must-have practice. It helps to investigate customer experience. CX is a person’s perceptions and responses as a result of using and/or anticipated using a product, system or service.

Imagine that you have tested a product internally, but its first users encountered system errors. What can you do first? We offer you three simple steps to improve your product application:

  1. Bright interface. It will be more effective to call for actions if your interface highlights these actions visually. Contrast is achieved by different methods.
  2. Ability to undo the action. Customers take this as a sight of respect. Users will feel that they have better control over the situation if there is an option to undo their actions.
  3. Maintain feedback from the user. A good way to get feedback from the user is to show the status of the items.

If you encounter difficulties when launching your application, test your product and find out what your clients think about it. This will give you an opportunity to correct possible errors and offer new features, that will distinguish you from competitors and increase customer loyalty.

Scheduling Worldwide research has shown that almost 43 % of errors are considered as inconsistencies with the information provided by the system, and about 21 % are related to payment failures.

How likely is it that the users will trust such a system?

Customers may have a perception that there is an error in your system, or they do not understand how the product works, so it causes discomfort while using the product.

Another thing the research has shown – 48% of people, involved in testing, thought that there was an issue with the system, while it was a step of the customer journey. So, one of the application’s system features under investigation is perceived as an error by users.

So it is impossible to improve the quality of a product offered without performance testing and, accordingly, comparison with analogs. You can make it certain getting to know the following example.

A popular social network faced the need to return to the initial form of its application. In 2018, some Instagram users noted that the service had changed the system of viewing the news feed.

Earlier it was possible to browse down the content feed with the friends’ photos. Now it is flipped sideways just like “Stories”. I swipe down, and the comments can be opened and scrolled through. Later, Instagram has revoked that update, and the application returned to its conventional form.

We can state that the perception of a product by users is something that depends on their previous experience with similar products.

Why is it so? New digital products create digital customer experience and embed in our perception so deeply that any fundamental change can be perceived as a mistake.

Someone has already created the user experience of dramatic shifts in the familiar experience, that can be regarded as an error and, as a result, discredits the company confidence. Customer experience gives an idea that any deviation is considered as something wrong. And so far as consumers can reject an upgrade, there is a risk to lose the clients’ loyalty.

In order to keep pace with this new type of customer, your company should use modern technologies to provide an unrivaled level of customer service and to evaluate the service offered regularly.

Don’t jump the gun – conduct digital testing of your products!

5/5 - (2 votes)
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