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August 2019
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7 ways how companies amaze customers by special service innovations

Derkach Anastasiya

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How service may be fresh innovative and fresh: 7 ideas of successful implementations of the client-oriented approach

In the age of the constant growth of competition in all spheres of business, companies are focused on some special ways of increasing the loyalty and engagement of their customers.

Today we would like to give you 7 examples of successful implementations of the client-oriented approach to business solutions. They are simple, they are creative and already drawing a lot of customers attention and admiration.


  1. Waterproof bags for umbrellas

    Photo from the webpage:

    Almost in any public place in the USA (from the museum to the store) free packages for wet umbrellas are offered. As a rule, they are located at the entrance to the building. The idea is simple: Visitors, who come in from the rain, take a bag and put their umbrella in it. Thus, buyers do not walk around the building (store, museum, gallery, medical center), waving wet umbrellas, do not inconvenience each other, do not wet goods with water, etc.The approximate cost of a set of 1000 packages is $ 29.Packages can also serve as an additional way to make money. For example, a company may place any advertisement or information on special offers on a package holder.
  2. Direct communication of business owners with customersFor example, if the owner is in the store, it is common practice for him to approach the visitor, introduce himself and talk about his business. He may ask if the client enjoys being in that place, and if he doesn’t like it, what exactly influenced the overall impression? At the same time, the owner can ask the manager for a “special” offer for that particular client. it can be a discount, more personalized service or a bonus card as a gift. Obviously, this approach increases the customer’s loyalty to the store, allows him to feel valued and special.
  3. Additional income from souvenirsMany American companies make money by selling souvenirs with their own logos (t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, etc.). This is especially common among bars, restaurants, and museums.
    In almost every bar you can find a small space where promotional products with logos are sold:
    Baseball caps
    Gift Cards and CalendarsOn average, the cost of a unit of goods starts from $ 15 for a baseball cap to $ 25 or more for a T-shirt or sweatshirt. A striking example is the annual calendar of the Hooters restaurant chain (establishments are known for serving customers in girls in short shorts and T-shirts). Models on the calendar are Hooters employees. The calendar sells for $ 19.95, and there is even a special site for its promotion. More than 500 thousand copies are sold annually in 8 countries.
  4. Using emoji
    Screenshot of a Domino’s Pizza commercial

    Domino’s Pizza pizzeria network offers the opportunity to order your favorite pizza simply by sending one emoji to the company via SMS. It works like this: the user needs to register on the company’s website and to mention in his profile a phone number, address, as well as his favorite type of pizza.Then, when he is hungry – he can simply send the emoji with a slice of pizza to the companies number. And the company will deliver the order to the customer, after a single SMS confirmation. Thus, the client does not need to call every time, fill out the order form, wait for confirmation of the acceptance of the call order.
  5. Active use of networkingBusinesses all over the world actively use networking to build stronger relationships. At the same time, such an approach is relevant for both B2B and B2C segment. For example, in one of the Marriott hotels, they organize “Happy Hours” from Monday to Wednesday. The lobby offers free snacks and drinks for everyone.Objectives of these events:
    – Communicating with clients and getting feedback from them on the hotel
    – Opportunity for customers to have a good time
    – Conducting market research
    – Introducing guests to each other and making new contacts.
    – Increasing the level of loyalty to a specific hotel and the network as a whole
  6. Sorts luggage by color to make it easy for travelers to findSome Japanese airports have a cool and incredibly simple practice. They sort luggage by color so that passengers can easily find their suitcase.
    It really is simple, but also quite beautiful. And great fun for a perfectionist.
  7. Trivia for noodle lovers

    Photo from the webpage:

    In Japan, in some restaurants that serve ramen noodles, each table has a jar with an elastic band for hair so that people do not spoil their hair when eating. They can be supplemented with special napkins resembling bibs to protect clothes from splashing.

We may continue this list forever, but the main idea of this article – is that even little things may make a big difference when we are coming to an interaction between the company and the customer.

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