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November 2022
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How to turn unstructured voice data into actionable insights

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Voice communication remains the preferred channel for customer service. The most critical and urgent questions about your business are the ones your customers prefer to ask through a live person: your managers or contact centre.

This means that any brand with a contact centre should implement tools so that this valuable data can be mined and used to create brand value in the future.

We at 4Service have developed an AI tool that can transcribe and analyse phone conversations between customers and your contact centre and effortlessly turn unstructured voice data into actionable insights.

McKinsey estimates that speech analytics can drive cost savings of up to 30% and deliver customer satisfaction score improvements of 10% or more.

How it works

Step 1

Our tool automatically downloads calls from your server. Once the call is completed, it is automatically uploaded by our system. There is also a manual way to upload audio recordings.

What else:

– Individual configuration for your server

– Instant synchronization

– Instant notifications in case of download errors

Step 2

Transcription – translate audio into text

Our service transcribes your call into text with highrecognition quality and performance – just 5 minutes after receiving the audio

file you can already have all the analytics on it.

What else:

  • Multiple language support
  • High recognition rate
  • Fast service

Step 3

Keywords – filling the database.

Based on your requirements, we compile a list of recognisable phrases and highlight them in a user-friendly interface

What else:

  • Mandatory phrases for every call
  • Scenario specific phrases
  • A general list of possible communication phrases

Step 4

Positive and negative phrases to track

Easily add and track both negative and positive words, which count towards the final call score and are highlighted in the transcribed text:

  • Negative words: foul language and swear words
  • Parasitic words
  • Positive words: greetings, thanks

Step 5

Text analysis – search for keywords

We compile a list of positive words, dialogue phrases: check customer’s age, deletion of personal information about the customer – confidentiality

Step 6

Privacy – deleting personal client data

Original audio files are deleted immediately information of this kind: after transcription. Users’ personal data should not be accessed – we recognise any

Name, phone number, address

  • TTN, delivery address
  • Email, messengers
  • Payment amounts, order number

Step 7

Call quality assessment

We develop formulas to calculate the quality of the call and assign an overall score to the call. We display detailed information on the criteria found:

  • Excessive pause in the call
  • Loud operator’s speech
  • Depending on the topic, we take into account the required set of mandatory phrases
  • Detailed list of parameters used for evaluation

Step 8

Call and agent statistics

A set of all the important parameters involved in evaluating a call.

Develop the statistics you need for your company.

What else:

  • Agent Statistics
  • Line statistics
  • Statistics on best and worst agents
  • Dynamic range: today or any period

Step 9

Dashboard summary

A set of all important data for specified periods of time.

A individually designed dashboard for your specific needs.

What else:

  • Access to roles
  • Easy to understand graphical view
  • Easy to update the interface at your request
  • Live data up to date

Step 10

Chatbot and CRM integration

Instant notifications of critical issues with chatbots or integration with your CRM system

Telegram, Viber, WhatsUp integration

Customization for your needs

Send any custom data to your CRM

Our goal is to improve communication between you and your clients!

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