What is
Mystery Shopping?

Get the opportunity to earn or
compensate for expenses on shopping.

Get First MS Visit

What opportunities you will have if you become a mystery shopper?


Get the opportunity to earn or compensate for expenses on shopping.


Improve the service in your city / country


Discover new places


Join a community of like-minded people and become part of the great team


Get that adventurous feeling

Advantages of being a mystery shopper with scheduling

Flexible schedule

No special education required

Higher service quality in your town/city

Free shopping in cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, gas stations

Convenient and self- organized work plan

Plenty of vacancies in different industries

Motivational program

Guaranteed payment

Who can become mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper can become anyone who:

Is between 18 and 65 years old

Has a mobile phone with a voice recorder(or an actual voice recorder)

Has a mobile phone with a camera (or an actual camera)

Is an experienced PC user and have a stable Internet connection

Is honest, responsible and attentive

6 steps to become a mystery shopper


Register on the web-site


Chose a visit


Make the visit


Pass the certification


Fill out the questionnaire


Get your payment

Get Your First Visit

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit.

Get new opptunities

Secrets of successful visit

Stay anonymous

Never evaluate acquaintances or relatives

Do not perform a Mystery visit in a state of intoxication.

Be calm and attentive, do not rush to end the conversation with employees

Let the staff to take initiative Behave naturally

Privacy Policy. You are not allowed
to disclose any Mystery Shopping

information directly or indirectly. During a visit, never show instructions or other materials (memo, etc.)

indicating the purpose of your visit.

Mobile Application


4Shoppers is a free application for mystery shoppers from 4Service. 4Shoppers makes it easy to fill in and submit questionnaires and artefacts.


The ultimate app for mystery shopping or market research fieldwork, MobiAudit™ allows scheduling, survey and data collection for mobile devices.

Get the opportunity

to earn or compensate for expenses on shopping.


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