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June 2019
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Online shopping hacks

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Going shopping has never been as easy as it is in 2019. Each company is willing to provide their customers with ongoing contact – with the help of web pages, social networks, and of course, mobile applications, where people can purchase the goods they want or receive answers to their questions.

On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find useful and relevant information amongst this huge amount of content.

Today we would like to offer you 5 pieces of advice, which will make your online shopping more pleasant and smooth.

  1. Consolidate Your Deal Emails
    As you have already signed up to receive commercial and marketing related messages, you will receive a vast amount of emails with special deals, promotions, etc.Find time to organize your mailbox – so your favorite brands may easily reach you when you are seeking for some special opportunities. Create relevant folders for clothing, electronic or homeward stores, so that you do not spend much time scrolling down through junk emails when you are looking for a particular product.To get rid of unnecessary content you may use the online service (such as which lets you instantly unsubscribe from any deadwood, which you usually ignore.
  1. Sleep before you purchase
    It’s no secret that online shopping may prompt some impulsive purchases.  That is why we suggest you sleep on it before deciding to purchase a product.  A sleeping brain processes all the information you have received throughout the day.  In the morning you will wake up with a clear mind and a realization as to whether you need this particular product or not. You don’t have to worry about saving the link for the item you chose – today most websites save your goods which you previously added to the shopping cart.
  1. Automate Your Comparison Shopping
    If you conduct your online shopping with the help of different brands and outlets – making a comparison between them will be an important step in your buying process. To simplify this process you may use the PriceBlink browser, so there will be no need to create the price list of similar items.
  1. Track Sales for the Items You Want
    Monitoring special offers and sales may help you to kill two birds with one stone: buy the product you want and save money.  There are a few modern services which help you to track sales for the product you are going to buy.  They will help you to not waste time scrolling down sales sections on your favorite website and they will provide you with personalized information, relevant to your tastes and preferences.For example, ShopItToMe will track sales not only for specific brands but also for specific styles and sizes so you know exactly when to strike.
  1. Make Sure You Can Contact Customer Services
    In specific situations, when you need help from customer services, it may be difficult to receive a prompt and coherent answer to your request. To contact the support team of major companies directly, you may use This website will get you to a live person, so you may clearly report your issue and receive some help. Also, it provides you with an indication of the amount of time it usually takes to contact the support service.

So, after learning these tips and from your own experience, you may call yourself a professional Online Shopper with a clear conscience.  Sit down, take a deep breath, prepare your shopping list and enjoy easy and comfortable online shopping.

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