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May 2019
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Phone Mystery Shopping

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Do you see yourself as an active user of electronic devices? Just staying at your home and talking on the phone may bring you additional income. All you should do is to make a call and get a consultation about some popular products.

So today we would like to highlight the topic as phone mystery shopping. As far as everybody knows mystery shopping varies from a simple chat with customer service support to an audit in a car dealership.

But visiting the store/petrol station or restaurant may not always be possible for you, as well as wasting time on the trip to the location.

Who may find phone mystery shopping interesting and useful?

  • Full-time workers, who consider Mystery shopping as their hobby
  • Mothers or fathers on parental leave, who need to take care of their children 24/7
  • Introverts, who don’t like face-to-face communication
  • Mystery shopping fans, who work on a daily basis and are ready to perform some mystery calls as part of their job.

Recognize yourself? Then you should take part in evaluation checks of areas such as Call centers, Consulting, Hotel business, Travel, Communication, Healthcare or Insurance.

To be perfectly prepared for mystery shopping calls, you need to follow the following rules:


  1. Be focused and don’t get distracted
    In order to make a productive call, you need to find a quiet space. Remember, that your call is recorded so you need to be sure that nothing will be heard in the background – neither your barking dog nor a car passing by the window.
    That is why the most comfortable place may be your bathroom or a single room in a shared working environment.
  1. Read All The Notes For Mystery Shopping
    Familiarize yourself with all specific requirements for the particular project. Read the instructions fully before you accept the assignment and find out all the rules – from the length of your audio recording to the script of conversation. A short resume of the project may help you to remember all the questions you need to ask during your call.
  1. Make Notes
    Mystery shopping by phone means you need to have a piece of paper and pen handy. Keep in mind that you need to fill in the report shortly after the call.
  1. Practice Mystery Shopping call with your friends
    Do not hesitate to practice with friends or relatives if mystery shopping is a new job for you. It will help you to sound natural and to be calm during your conversation.

Ascertain through your own experience that mystery shopping is a good way to earn the money as well as improve the quality of service all over the world.

Remember – charity begins at home.

5/5 - (1 vote)
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