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January 2020
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Qualitative Market Research

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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When it is needed to understand the developments bottom and investigate its depth, qualitative market research is conducted. This study helps to find out people’s opinions and their attitude to particular products and answers questions ‘What?’, ‘How?’, ‘Why?’.

Types of Qualitative Research Methods

In-depth interview

An in-depth interview is a personal interview held by an interviewer with respondent in a form that encourages the latter to provide detailed answers to the questions asked.

  • study of consumer behavior, their attitude to goods, companies, brands;
  • new products development, new product concept evaluation (its packaging, advertising campaign, etc.);
  • obtaining a preliminary consumer reactions to various marketing programs.


A focus group is a group interview conducted by a moderator in the form of group discussion according to pre-developed scenario with a small group of “typical” representatives of studied population, similar in basic social characteristics.

  • generation of new ideas (development of new goods / services, packaging, advertising, etc.);
  • the study of consumers’ colloquial dictionary and characteristics of their perception (for compiling questionnaires, developing advertising text);
  • evaluation of new products, advertising, packaging, company image, etc.
  • obtaining preliminary information on a topic of interest (before determining specific goals of marketing research);
  • clarification of data obtained in the course of quantitative research;
  • familiarization with consumer requests and motives for their behavior.

Projective techniques (Mystery Shopping)

It is an assessment of customer service quality and personnel professional skills in a particular “contact zone”: store, restaurant, bank, etc.

This methodology allows to see the existing “gaps” or inconsistencies at each stage of selling/ buying process, both for the facility as a whole and for a specific employee.

What tasks can be solved using various qualitative research methodology:

  • Studying consumer behavior deepest motives;
  • Testing of advertising concepts, promotional materials, packaging design, labels;
  • Generation of new ideas, concepts;
  • Brand components assessment;
  • Image assessment, identification of consumers’ attitude to the product, brand;
  • Identification of the most significant consumer properties of the goods;
  • Consumer preferences study;
  • New product testing;
  • Hypothesis development for the subsequent quantitative research.

Our Contribution

Being a leading European marketing agency, specialized in providing Mystery Shopping services and not only, we invite you to experience all benefits of marketing research, performed by our experienced team.

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