Rules of additional payments

As you know, we have some Payment rules connected with Additional Payments.
Project Coordinator can give you Additional payment for your visit just in case if it’s really needed and provable.
We have such categories of Additional payment:
  1.  Purchase reimbursement (please, add the photo of the receipt of your purchase if it’s needed according to the scenario)
  2. Petrol expenses (only if your own transport was used; receipt for the fuel + screenshot from «Google Maps» with the route between locations + photo of odometer)
  3. For urgency (only in case of 3 days before the deadline and no more than 50% of the cost of your visit)
  4. Parking (a receipt of paid parking is required)
  5. Hotel (receipt about payment of the room is required)
  6. Road fees (a receipt for the paid tunnel, paid highways etc)
We need to have the confirmation of your additional costs in order to pay you this sum.
Remember – additional payments are the exception. By following steps above you will receive it.

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