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August 2019
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Secrets of an ideal survey

Derkach Anastasiya

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Mystery shopping – is not only about having a new experience while assessing quality of service. A very important aspect of the assignment is to complete the survey immediately after your visit, where you need to give comprehensive feedback. The survey is the result of your assessment and provides proof that you have successfully completed your mystery assignment. 

Today we would like to share with you some special advice on completing your survey.

  1. First of all – in order to conduct a successful visit, make sure to read the brief attached to the survey along with the survey itself before the visit. Also, read the instructions relating to the visit making sure to pay attention to any obligatory notes and important pointers to be noted during the visit. It is also important to pass the certification before the visit.
  2. Complete your survey immediately after your visit so you will not miss any detail. Fill in all the comments, when the visit is still fresh in your mind so you may clearly describe the full picture of your experience. Provide all the detail – even the smallest of details, as they may be extremely important to the company and influence the motivation of the staff.  For example, the lack of cleanliness in the establishment (dirty floor, garbage, poorly washed dishes, etc.).Your comments should be broad and substantive, otherwise, the mystery shopping agency validation will ask you to expand on your feedback and you will need to spend more time on your survey.Besides that – your answers should be grammatically correct. Now there are many programs and apps for a smartphone. You just need to insert your text, check the mistakes and correct them. We may recommend you to use Grammarly for your help.
  3. Artifacts. Sometimes you need to attach the additional information of your visit – such artifacts, as a photo of the facade, an audio recording of your conversation with the seller, a print screen of your bug report, etc. All of them should meet scenario requirements, and be of a high quality (talking about audio – there should be no extraneous noise, the whole conversation should sound clear and legible, photos should be bright and detailed, prescreen should include the data and the time of creation).
  4. If you cannot submit the survey, you may not have answered all questions, not passed the certification or you provided the incorrect date of the visit. To check whether you have answered all of the questions in the survey, click “Check complete” at the bottom of the survey. Any unanswered questions will be highlighted in a red square.

Follow all of our recommendations and you will get an excellent result of your mystery evaluation.

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