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October 2019
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Service goals of customer experience

Derkach Anastasiya

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Client experience becomes a key to building a business brand strategy. This is due to the fact that consumer demand grows each year, and the client demands more: increased personalization, carelessness, and unforgettable experiences.

In 2019, companies are increasingly introducing technology into customer service, expanding their interactions with customers to better understand their desires and needs, and making the customer experience more attractive because, according to various studies, in the near future, companies will compete only for customer service.

While the concept of client experience exists for a long time, the research around it is still quite new. Each year, new market research reveals an understanding of important trends that affect businesses around the world. For some, these statistics may seem like fun facts, but in fact they can help your customer service team benefit from timely opportunities to improve service quality.

You heard many times. It’s cheaper to get current customers to buy again than to find new ones. This is true for many companies, especially in the crowded e-commerce industry, where the cost of clicks and conversions always increases.

When was the last time you tried to attract customers to come back? If you haven’t yet managed to enter the market with your current customers after the sale, now is the time to build holistic customer retention strategies.

Today, consumers expect the same service through all channels of communication with the company – online store, offline point, mobile application, etc. It is good if the customer can exchange or return the item at any point of sale of the company, regardless of where and how the purchase was made. Understanding the value your customers desire and being able to deliver that value is the overarching goal for any brand and customer experience initiative, and a mystery shopping program can help deliver the more specified information that can lead to unlocking this information.

The majority of the companies understand the importance of service for customer retention, so nowadays new marketing strategies aimed at increasing customer loyalty are constantly being implemented.

CX management helps the service business answer these questions:

Why are my clients unhappy?

Where do I lose them or risk losing them?

What prevents clients from loving my company sincerely and recommending it to friends?

But it’s not all about answers. CX gives the organization an opportunity and tools to change, to improve so as to make customers happier, more loyal and, as a consequence, to earn more and longer.

70% of Scheduling worldwide clients are stating that their buying experience is based on how they are being treated. Our specialists study the company “through the eyes of customers”, and find problems that are not visible or obvious from the inside. Once the research is complete we help businesses to improve. For this purpose, it is often necessary to involve additional experts. Such as trainers of the personnel, various designers or business analysts.

If you want to improve your business and learn the Customer experience of your customers, we will be pleased to tell you how to do it right.


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