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July 2022
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Socialising your buyer persona. How to use buyer persona in your sales, production, and marketing

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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You have developed your own persona or several (preferably no more than 3-5, otherwise it will be challenging to implement them).

Usually, companies use detailed buyer personas to run product development, sales, and marketing strategies.

Put together a presentation of the buyer personas you have created, along with information on what the buyer personas are, how they will be used in your organisation, the methodology for making them, examples of buyers for each persona, etc., and deliver the presentation to your company. This could be a company-wide meeting or perhaps just for a few key teams.

  • Product Development Team: 

If the company’s Product Development Team studies their best customers and tries to create relevant content and product offerings, they will be able to create much more attractive products for customers. 

Creating personas in development can be helpful to anticipate what future customers might need.

  • Marketing Team: 

Marketing teams use personas to create unique and relevant content and titillating messages for advertising. They can also use data to optimise inbound marketing messages to reach the right types of customers.

  • Sales Department: 

A company’s sales department uses buyer personas to understand the needs or problems of target customers, also known as pain points. Sales departments also use customer personas to better understand the buying decision process. Sales teams traditionally work with marketing departments to create buyer personas. By using buyer personas together, you can increase the conversion rate of all of your company’s marketing efforts.

Some may think that so many actions may not produce the right results, but:

82% of companies that use personas have improved their value proposition.

71% of companies that exceed their targets for lead generation and revenue have documented buyer personas.

Using buyer personas in the web design process helps improve usability by a factor of 2-5.

Behaviorally targeted advertising is twice as effective as general advertising.


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