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January 2020
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Talk the talk, walk the walk

Derkach Anastasiya

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Banks analyze customer needs and already have a wide selection of products in demand. A large amount of resources is spent to attract new customers and sell to current ones who would use these products.

Let’s say you’ve hit the point with the product, which caused buying fever among the clients.

You have released a premium product. Your call-center employees are well-trained and provide professional consultation about product benefits to the consumers. They formed customer expectations about using this product. The clients came to receive a package of services, but that was where the strange things started to happen.

The customers were not offered coffee promised by phone, and the queue was as huge as the credit limit that had been offered. Stuffy, the employees are “as if” happy, “as if” talking about the benefits of the product, but they are definitely working through all your objections. It does not sound like premium service, right?

You like the product and you are not so confused by the situation in the department, so you still take the package of services.

Let’s summarize? According to our research, this is how % compliance with standards for each of the processes looks like:

What conclusions can be made?

  1. The only process that really can be controlled by the company from this chain is a call center. Obviously, there is a quality check of calls. The staff is trained.
  2. Managers in the departments are trained to deal with objections since their main focus is to sell.
  3. Documents of the service package are provided and all-important conditions are explained properly.
  4. The quality of service and potential clients’ comfort had flown under the radar.

We actually have a solution for all these issues — it’s a mystery shopping program

But let’s get back to our customer journey. Well, a client has purchased the service package and… nothing. Nobody will ever contact him/ her. The post-service = 0.

How the overall picture looks like:

Clients express particularly high demands about service: comfort, attention, competence, concernment and at the same time lack of intrusive.

Furthermore, the absence of any subsequent communication after the sale was regarded by customers as a lack of interest on the bank’s part, and they felt forgotten.

Such service is not accepted as a premium by the clients. At all.

You can say that reaching customers by the phone after they had received the service package can be considered as intrusive, too. Quite so. However, since this is a premium service — what about asking your clients if they want to receive a call and being asked if they are happy about the product, or if it is convenient for them to chat in messenger. Or maybe they prefer to communicate with the manager in person, so you can make an appointment.

When we create a project design for our clients, we evaluate the potential perception of the product, clients’ expectations and ways to provide the post-service. Each design created is based on research.

After the implementation of any product, process or feature — it’s crucial to receive the client’s feedback. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to find out which process needs improvement or revision.

Moreover, what is especially valuable — the constant process of quality check we’ll let you make sure that your client will stay with you for a long time.

Retention is the key to your success!

Talk the talk – walk the walk 🤜🤛


5/5 - (1 vote)
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