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May 2022
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What is the difference from classical segmentation and Why is important to identify your Personas.

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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How well do you know your customers? Practically all companies answer that they know their customers perfectly well, and that they have the segmentation and target audience. But when we deep into details we see that the segment is usually some particular group of people with similar: gender, age, income, family status, education degree, etc. Does it always relevant?

Can you imagine two customers: both were born in 1948, male, raised in UK, married, successful and wealthy, both of them have at least two children, like dogs and love the Alps. And now you decide to open the restaurant for such target group. Are you sure that you can go into one particular concept and that each person from this group will like it for sure?

I believe you have already some doubts.

So in some cases we advice to use not only classical segmentation, but also such method as Persona. Personas are created by drawing together the characteristics of similar people – pattens of their behaviors, motivations, etc. – into one ‘archetype’. Within a certain context. Context is of prime importance, as the same person can be absolutly two different personas depends on the situation. E.g. when I’m at the hospital and I’m waiting in a queue I can be very patient and stay quite even if some person skip the line. But the other person can shout and make a scandal. At the same time facing the same situation at the supermarket, I can shout and behave differently.


To identify personas we need

  • Qualitative research – to understand Why do people do it?
  •  Quantitative research – to understand How many (%) people do this?
  • ‘gut feeling’;

We focus on behavior:

  • Why personas do what they do?
  • What are their inner goals/motivations?

WHY DO WE NEED PERSONAS? Why do we give them names and put some pictures?

Personas provide humanizing context.

What kind of emotional experiences does the person want?

What is their social and physical environment?

Persona makes data alive and visual.

And because of that we empathize them and want to find better solutions for them!

WHAT IS IMPORTANT in Persona card?

  • Behavior (actions)
  • Attitude (what do I feel, think, like, dislike…)
  • Pain and gains
  • Motivation
  • Goals

What is less important?

  •  Identity 
  • Demographics


Don’t create more than 5. And choose 1-2 for a start to work on changes and new solutions. And be sure that you rely on customers answers and really empathy them without judging and putting your personal interest.

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