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October 2019
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What is the marketing research?

Derkach Anastasiya

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Marketing research involves systematically collecting data on people or companies and analyses them to better understand the needs of this group of people. The results of the marketing research, which are usually summarized in the report, are then used to help business owners make more informed decisions about the strategy, activities and potential client base of the company, and the main aim is to improve service quality.

The main value is to understand what motivates people, their main inner motives. Knowing the needs of the target audience is the main tool that will lead the company to victory in a competitive environment. Conducting marketing research can be used to achieve a good result when the product meets the requirements of the client.

With the help of numbers, it is impossible to show the consumers’ attitudes to the brand. It is not enough to state the facts here. In the process of research, the factors influencing the client’s perception of goods are analyzed. This is the analysis of needs and motivations for buying products, the perception of goods and services, as well as the design of customer experience. There two types of market research quantitative research and qualitative research:

Quantitative research is used to analyze primary and surface information.

Qualitative research is the process of analyzing several factors that influence the popularity of products. These include the social characteristics of customers (from gender and class to cultural differences; people’s preferences, not only about the product but also about the brand itself). The result of such research will depend on the honesty of the questions asked and how honestly they will be answered.

Qualitative research allows one to give an exhaustive answer to the question “How to improve service quality?”

Scheduling Worldwide conducts this research and combines the results to destinate the main goals of their clients. If you want to improve your service we’ll be glad to help you using all the instruments that we have.

Marketing research is an essential tool to help companies:

  1. to understand what consumers want,
  2. to develop the products they want to use, and
  3. to maintain a competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.

Many companies use marketing research to test new products or obtain information from consumers about what products or services they need and what they do not currently need.

It is important to note that marketing research provides an opportunity for correct management decisions, and the results of market research lead to an understanding of consumer preferences, an objective picture of competitors’ actions, and open the way to the formation of sales chains and increase sales volumes. Only after a qualitative and reliable result of marketing research, it is possible to start bravely promoting a product/service, website or brand. The promotion of all the above-listed requires reliable data on the market in order to obtain maximum efficiency of the promoted object and high sales figures. There are always pioneering companies in the market that implement innovative and marketing solutions in the service. They are a benchmark for most of the market. It gives an advantage over competitors and allows you to significantly increase profits.

Perhaps it is worth thinking about it right now, how you can influence the market. Are you ready to know for what your customers crave, what your service inventions really resonate with? If you are, contact us and we will help you.


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