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September 2022
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What you shouldn’t do when responding to negative reviews

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Inhale, exhale… And again.

Every business gets negative and sometimes toxic reviews.

Reduced star ratings, criticism on social media, or negative reviews can directly affect income, and unfortunately, this is not always fair.

According to research from HBR, if you respond correctly to negativity – it will lead you to sales boost. And the best thing every business can do is to take responsibility.

Therefore, we thought it important to remind you what NOT to do when replying to negative reviews.

Ignore them and pretend that nothing has happened

Of course, you can only respond to positive feedback. But ignoring negative feedback can be a bad strategy. Your potential customers need to see that when things don’t go according to plan, your business is proactive and willing to take the right steps to rectify the situation.

Arguing with the client

Of course, it happens that customers can be too unfair. Perhaps they haven’t considered all the details or haven’t recognised some specifics. But reviews are not the place to prove the customer wrong.

Your response to the review will be seen by everyone – not just the reviewer. You must remain objective and neutral.

Responding too late

There’s a stereotype that customers won’t notice when you reply to their feedback. But Google sends customers an email notification to alert them to a new response from the company.

According to some studies, customers expect a response from the company within 24 hours, but according to a study by Gatherup, 86% of consumers, consider a response within 3 days acceptable.

Leaving clients without a solution

Sometimes you can’t solve a customer’s issue right now and show the result.

And also remember the specificity of Google reviews: once your business has left a response, customers won’t be able to respond again. Make it easy for customers by offering several suitable solutions and providing contact details, whether it’s a phone number, email address or physical address.

Whether a customer will act and contact your business is entirely up to them. The important thing is that your business offers solutions and makes it easy for customers to choose.

Respond in a formulaic way

If you say the same thing in every review, it will look as if you have an auto-response and are not very attentive to your customers.

Although some reviews may be almost identical, it is still important to personalise your answers.

Do you have to respond to every feedback?

Let’s be honest: amidst all the notifications, it’s hard to keep track of all the feedback. It’s even harder to immediately pass feedback on to managers and solve a customer’s problem.

Here’s the good news!

Now you will have far fewer negative feedbacks and be able to resolve them immediately in a very convenient place.

We have created Voicer, a software that does NOT allow negative reviews to google, but you can still see and handle them in a separate interface where ALL reviews go.

Want details and an active live demo where you can try everything yourself?

Please, feel free to apply here

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