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November 2019
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Your benefits from
Digital Products Testing service

Derkach Anastasiya

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The present-day organizations are facing growing digital dependency, time to entering the market and technological change growth. Enterprises need a robust, flexible, and scalable IT structure to maintain their competitive advantage. This has necessitated a rethinking of the approach to application testing services. Simple quality assurance has made testing an integral part of the digital revolution. 

Digital testing provides high-quality applications that are less susceptible to security threats or sudden failures, with impeccable user experience and high performance.

Benefits of Digital Products Testing service with Scheduling

  1. Great number of examiners. A client gets a volume of unique opinions regarding the product, but not a standard bug report from a single QA engineer.
  2. Your examiners are real users. When your test app is manual, you are able to see it through the lens of a real person using it on a device in the real world. Automated testing cannot reveal many bugs and issues because of some irrational aspects of user interaction with a mobile app. As an outcome of mass application testing, you receive the feedback for your application from the customer’s perspective.
  3. We ensure the full-service production cycle. It begins with Performance testing, continues with Usability testing and Functional testing. 

Performance testing

It makes it possible to determine the dependence of software performance on different factors such as the number of simultaneous use, simultaneous registration and a large number of users, growth/ decrease in data volume, lack of disk space and much more.

Functional testing

We check the conformity of realized functions to the customer’s requirements, specifications, and other design documents. We test each separate component of the system and all components in aggregate, with use both the automated and manual tests.

Usability testing

Clear communication is the user’s credibility to the product. We analyze the user-friendliness of the product: interface, dialog boxes, navigation, ergonomics, and informational value; evaluate behavioral factors and engage a psychologist to create basic scenarios of interaction with the site or application.

So, conducting these types of usability testing you cross the finish line with a clear picture of application usability, the level of user satisfaction and future possible “application behavior”.

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