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October 2019
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Your benefits from the customer experience service

Derkach Anastasiya

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Everything you do influences the perception of your customers and their decision to continue to return or not, so excellent quality of customer service is your key to success. Before we look at it in more detail, we need to determine the client satisfaction itself. At the most basic level, customer satisfaction shows how much your product, service and overall experience either fails to meet or exceed customer expectations.

How you measure this varies from business to business. Some may base it solely on retention and repeat customers, while others may create numerical values based on data and/or customer feedback.

If you want to develop your customer service strategy you need to improve the customer relations with your business. The result of navigating the site to communicating with the support team and receiving the product/service purchased from you is the customer experience (CX).  Its is usually assessed using two indicators:

NPS (Net Promoter Score) loyalty index, which shows the readiness of the client to recommend the company;

CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), which shows whether customers’ expectations coincide with reality.

Both indices are calculated based on the results of the customer survey. The order of figures only indicates the need for changes but does not show what the company needs to do to improve customer experience.

In today’s competitive environment, survival in the retail business requires more than just low prices and innovative products. The customer experience includes all points of contact with the customer and interaction with business products or services. Customer experience has become a vital strategy for all retailers who face competition.

There is no single universal checklist to follow to ensure good customer service: your business is as unique as your customers. However, we have found a number of common principles.

A great customer experience can be gained if you:

  • Make listening to clients a top priority in your business.
  • Use customer feedback to better understand your customers.
  • Implement a system to help you gather feedback, analyze it and take regular action.
  • Reduce friction and solve your customers’ specific problems and unique challenges.

Comparing the conditions in different companies, the client searches for the most profitable ones, but as a result chooses those companies, where he or she approached the deal faster or with whom it was more comfortable to communicate.

You’re probably already collecting customer feedback without even realizing it: when a customer sends an email, calls the customer support team, or leaves feedback, it’s a feedback. The problem is that if this feedback is not measured and analyzed, you miss the opportunity to use it to improve customer service and exploit your growth potential. Scheduling worldwide helps you to develop a positive consumer experience. It is important because positive CX increases the customer’s chances of making regular purchases and increases brand loyalty. Brand loyalty leads to long-term relationships between your company and clients.


5/5 - (1 vote)
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