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We help brands to grow and develop exceptional service culture, combining it with our personal values system and understanding that comes from Global experience, obsessive attention to details, outstanding creativity, efficient technology and perfect client centric approach.

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Our story


4Service Company operational hub was established in Kiev. The first Mystery Shopping provider in CIS.


Member of Mystery Shopping Providers association MSPA Europe

2006 - 2009

Opening new offices in CIS


35,000 shoppers 100 projects 300,000 evaluations per year


European expansion – 11 offices opened. 4Service Scheduling brand created. Big data analytics launch

2012 - 2016

International recognition – Elite member of MSPA two times in a row Esomar membership


Top 10 European companies Scheduling grew 350%, and stayed the most cost-effective company in the World market

2018 - 2019

Final transformation to customer experience agency


Scheduling is an integral part of 4SERVICE group — International customer experience company
(est. 2001)


Countries coverage


Ongoing projects


Languages we speak


Service evaluations


of clients extend the contracts from year to year


Years of experience


The MSPA is the representative Trade Association for companies participating in the Mystery Shopping industry.


is the global association for the data and insights industry, with members based in 130 countries.


We not just share difference – we appreciate it.
We believe in values that push us forward to the new heights


This is the touchstone for everything we do.

And we love to do it. Pure and clear love that we integrate to all our research and approach gives us an open-minded vision and energy that we share with all our partners. And that includes creating the perfect experience for our customers and gives us unbelievable synchronization. Most of the clients we started with are still in our portfolio. The reason is that we love them and select our long-term commitment for matching their goals.


One of the most important values for us.

During all the processes of research design and workflow we are honest and fare with our customers and employees. Our life journey is full of comprehensive steps, so we believe that integrity and
clear, trustful data makes research world better and our customers happy.
All in all, it gives us a great advantage during communication as we ask direct questions in all situations and expect to get sincere answers.


Core principle to create extraordinary and exceptional experience during collaboration.

We always strive to give a maximum benefits for our customers. And we firmly sure, that even a small action should be done with value. That is why we find employees that can deliver the highest end data with the greatest value. This helps our clients to make data-driven decisions based on actionable and creative approach.


This value is in our blood.

We are greed to knew knowledge and always test new approach. We never stop and produce something brand-new. We always targeted for new challenges and we do not afraid the most sophisticated projects in the World.
We can definitely state that we are the most boldness company in research market. You can always count on us and on our crazy combination of knowledge, passion and power to surprise.


To be passionate is to be special. This is our aim.

We appreciate difference and we are hungry to new heights. Being brave and set up new targets – this is all about collaboration with us. We explore new horizons combining case-studies from different areas and our clients share this inspiration moments with us. This is how we stay a top performers. You can be always sure that we won’t be satisfy with the results and ask for more steps to go further.

Our Team

Dmitry Pavlenko

Managing Director
Managing Director

300+ brands and 6 years of experience in 4Service group on a TOP positions, including 3 years of global business development. Over 6 years experience in one of the most customer service sensitive areas – luxury HoReCa where he has launched more than 10 successful start-ups and media projects.


Core competencies: marketing, customer experience and loyalty, digital.Speaker of the MSPA conference, World loyalty forum, e-commerce and HIF Forum, Retail Community, CX Forum. Earlier, Dmitriy’s projects received an independent recognition of the world-famous travel portal Tripadvisor “TRAVELLERS CHOICE”. Stays in touch with TOP managers and helps to build excellent customer service to: Uber, Karcher, Adidas, Burger King, Vimpelcom, Societe Generale Bank, Colins, BAT.
In charge of launch of affiliate programs: MasterCard Selective, Mercedes, Malibu, Wrigley, Regatta “Lexus Cup”, Jameson.

Irina Firstova

Irina Firstova CEO of 4Service Group
CEO of 4Service Group

Extensive experience in managing business with a vast experience in the market research industry gained through 14 years in different senior management roles at Nielsen and 4Service Group.

Ekateryna Polishchuk

Executive Director
Executive Director

Golovata Alina

Golovata Alina HR Manager
HR Manager


One Partner

One Partner

We manage 55 countries in-house and elaborate 450+ projects annually



We created our own methodology combining technology and human knowledge



Because of our mentality we are work-o-holics and top performers

Cost effective

Cost effective

We are the most cost effective research company in the World

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