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Welcome to scheduling worldwide TM !

We created Scheduling WorldwideTM to provide Mystery Shopping companies across Europe and around the World with superior data quality and outsourced fieldwork.

Are you pitching for a global Mystery shopping account?
Wondering just how to cover the whole Europe? Looking for a quality service just for a fair price?

Here are your answers.

At Scheduling WorldwideTM we deal with a thousands of mystery shopping visits in 52 countries of Europe and Asia on behalf of a number of international Mystery Shopping providers. Having more than 200.000 shoppers on our own speaking 29 languages utilizing our operational staff of 200 world class shopper management and quality control system we produce real added value for your projects.

From UK to Russia, from Israel to Finland our shopper field force carry out their mission daily - they deliver quality job done exeptionally well and always on time.

So, welcome to Scheduling WorldwideTM!

Here's much more than just field management. At Scheduling WorldwideTM we offer partnership!

We make honey, you get the money!

What will you get by outsourcing your field
operations to Scheduling WorldwideTM?

You'll free up your recources;
You'll increace your company's effeciency;
You'll focus on Client Service and Sales;
You'll bring down your operational costs;
and more...

We are famous for two things: efficiency and quality. Our reputation is well proven with our partner agencies.

Only the best shoppers will end up taking part in your projects, the ones we have aleady worked with, the ones we trained personally, the oneswith positive record only.

Our staff are fluent in several languages and professionals of top international level.

Even if your coverage overlaps with ours we can be of assistance by simply taking your excess volume, so you don;t have to hire more employees or rend more space during your seasonal volume peaks.

Business ethics

we are your partners,
not your competitors!

Under no curcimstances will we operate as independant mystery shopping provider, nor will we contact your client companies directly.

one window partner

we'll take care of all the aspects of an assigned job, so you'll have no need to micro-manage

Give us a problem, we will return with a ready solution.

fraud free company

from shopper loyalty programs to our in-house antifraud algorithms, to an independatn fraud prevention committee,

we take unprecedented measures to prevent all kinds of unintentional fraud.


No more resources shortrages, no more missed deadlines, no more frustrations.
We will cover all your needs. And more.

Shopper Recrutment, Basic Training/ Certifications, Profiles to Assignments Matching, Project-Specific Training/ Certifications, Shopper Job Assignments, Deadlines Tracking, Quality Checking, Reporting and Shopper Follow-Ups.
ms sceduling
We provide Recrutment training and Certification of Auditors for Open Audits and Mystery Audits according to your company standarts In 50 countries.
We can Proofread and edit shoppers' reports in 29 languages.
(We are happy to do only proofreading if you prefer to do the fieldwork on your own)
Up to date reporting on the results of Mystery Shopping/Auditing via Shopmetrics Platform
We provide both basic and specifics project trainings. Certifications are developed accordingly.
shopper training
We develop Evaluation Forms, Scenarios, Shopper Manuals and Certification Tests based on your clients requirments (NDA protected too).
evaluation forms
We provide you with an all-round analytical support: from the simple Top-Liners to Profound and complex Analytical MS Reports and Marketing Research Study.
Some in-depth business analyses based on open-source and any other data obtained.
business intelligence
in 29 languages

*We highly recommend Shopmetrics software, unparalleled in reporting, analytics and data transfers.
Nonetheless, we can deliver your reports in any other convinient format (from entering data into your online system to emailing you Excel files, you name it).


We are

400 000 +
Mystery Shopping visits
per annum

200 000 +
certified and active
Mystery Shoppers

50 +

Hubs &

We are

1 headquarter

2 operation offices
/Kiev, Bratislava/

8 country offices
/Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,
Russia, Belarus, Romania,
Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine/

We are experts

We are

1 000 000
visits and audits

over 15 years
in the business

with the biggest players

Passionate about quality
Excellence in quality has always been our passion. Our own efficient and sophisticated state-of-the-art operational procedures provide best quality data outputs on the market.
  • Centrally-monitored unified multy-country Quality Standarts
  • Double report validation
  • List icons Unparalleled Fraud Detection System
  • List icons Autonomus Internal Audit policy
These, together with the team of highly skilled and Experienced Personnel will give you results you never thought achievable.
Quality Control System
Quality pan-standart
MS relationship
Quality control system
  • Quality control department (QCD) is located in our Kiev operational hub.
  • QCD operated independantly within 4Service, reporting derectly to the CEO.
  • We have developed our own KPIs to ensure operational quality. These KPIs are tracked by QCD.
  • Procedures are based on the four step management method - demi-boldng Cycle.
Quality pan-standart
Our quality standsrts are universal
Any job, in any country, with any client has to pass one and the same Quality Pan-Standart. That's why our clients recieve comparable top-quality data across all our countries of operation.
Shopper relations
We believe that quality of fieldwork heavily depends on Shopper VS. Provider relations.
That's why we maintain and grow relationships of trust openness with our shoppers Worldwide:
Shopper care
hotlines in multiple
incentive programs
and competitions
shopper clubs
and communities
in social networks
and responsible
and always
timely payments,
of course
50+ countries around the world - we are scheduling worldwide!
And we continue to grow!
The Team
Dmitriy Pavlenko
Head of Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service
+38 095 444 97 78
Irina Sheremetieva
Head of Clients Services and Sales
+421 904 869 212
Olga Kolisnichenko
Account Director
+421 904 825 715
Alexey Tsysar
Owner, 4Service Group
Harvey Gilbert
Chairman, 4Service Group
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Scheduling WorldwideTM by 4ServiceTM
Aupark Tower, Einsteinova 18, 85101 Bratislava Slovakia
T. +421 919 282 177
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