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The prime aspect of taking a competitive position consists in obtaining a fundamental comprehension of the core group, competitors, marketplace. Scheduling Worldwide, as provider of market research services, aims to do the same, supplying its clients with related data about industry trends, competitors’ strategies, market and novelties in the trading area.

The Difference Of Marketing And Market Research

It is very common that people usually interchange these terms. However, competent experts remark that market investigation is aimed at collecting data about target audience and is oriented on markets, at a time when marketing study deals with marketing processes.
Those companies that use market research become more competitive in their sphere. This type of investigation helps to gather important information, which company uses to find out and analyse the demands on the market, its value, competition.
Market analysis includes opinion and social research. It is a process of constant gaining and explanation of information about all market participants. Analytical and statistical methods are used, as well as techniques of social engineering in order to have understanding and support of business decision-making.
Marketing examination processes link together manufacturers, clients, consumers with an expert, who uses gathered information for identifying market issues and resources, generating behaviour, monitoring efficiency, insight processes. Marketing research determines the information necessary for solving issues, ways of data acquisition, controls and achieves information gain, processes the findings, reports obtained results and their impact. In other words, it is a systematic collecting, fixing, investigation of quantitative and qualitative data about problems regarding services and products. The aim of marketing research is to find out and evaluate how transforming components of marketing complex influence customer behavior.

Types and Methods Of Marketing Research

Marketing investigation practices such research designs as qualitative (investigative work using focus groups, conducting interviews, personality tests) and quantitative (summing up the results using surveys and questionnaires involving considerable number of pollees). Another designs are predicated on examination information and include ethnographic studies (observing the events in natural context) and experimental techniques (predicting the results after having changed original conditions).
Area of marketing study engagement includes product review, descriptive research, consumer loyalty study, pricing review.

Services Provided By Scheduling Worldwide

Among the most popular services of Scheduling Worldwide are customer experience, digital product testing, mystery shopping, retail audits.
It is hard to underestimate the importance of marketing analysis, which provides in-depth information about competitors, understanding of customers’ preferences and issues of concerns, current market tendencies, consumer buying patterns, economic changes, demographic statistics. For that reason experienced business owners use market observation for creating effective strategies.
Research services by Scheduling Worldwide will help you formulate effective marketing strategies, make informed decisions, reach out to your prospective clients far and wide.

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