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General questions

So that MS agencies around the world can access superior data quality and save on their budgets by outsourcing their fieldwork to a reliable partner. We strive to become your ideal MS fieldwork management partner so that you can focus on more important things: sales, client service, project design, innovation and growth in your business.

Excellence in quality has always been our passion. No wonder, our own efficient and sophisticated state-of-the-art operational procedures provide the best quality data outputs on the market.

  •       Centrally-monitored unified multi-country Quality Standards
  •       Double Report Validation
  •       Unparalleled Fraud Detection Systems
  •       An autonomous Internal Audit policy
  1. MSH SCENARIO – ORDINARY. The MS behaves like an average client, does not create conflicts, does not teach employees.
  2. SURVEY – QUESTIONNAIRE AND COMMENTS. It consists of questions and comments. The MS fills in the survey on Scheduling Worldwide website after a visit to the location. The questions can be objective (facts) and subjective (emotions, impressions of the client). The questions of the survey should correspond to the standards of the company. But they can be changed periodically.
  3. ARTIFACTS. PROOFS. The MS attaches facts of the visit to the survey: audio recording, photographs, checks. All these artifacts can be found on the Scheduling Worldwide website.
  4. GEOGRAPHY. The project involves ALL the existing location of the network
  5. SURPRISE. Remember, MS can come suddenly. Always wait for him!
  • Spot small problems before they become big ones
  • Direct your field managers to locations which require extra help
  • Link incentives to front line performance
  • Expose training and operational weaknesses
  • Identify competitive opportunities
  • Increase accountability for customer service throughout the organization
  • More than 450 currently projects all over the world
  • Own panel of 550,000+ mystery shoppers and testers
  • 300+ Famous brands work with us
  • Dedicated Client Services Manager for every program
  • Programs customized to client needs
  • Reporting available online, 24/7
  • Over 18 years in business
  • Quick program set up
  • Full cycle of production

Most programs can be set up within 1-2 weeks, once we know your requirements and receive your information about the locations to be visited.

An experienced Client Services Manager (CSM) is assigned to each client program. This assures a single point of contact for each client. CSMs work with our development, scheduling, and quality review teams to ensure smooth execution of all client programs.

Results are reported on Shopmetrics system. Shopmetrics offers 24/7 reporting from any web connection, with multiple layers of access, with full trending, and analysis reporting. 

Specific experience includes retail, automotive, banking, and IT. After more than 18 years in business, chances are we have shopped units similar to yours or have conducted a program with similar requirements.

Mystery shoppers are available in 55 Europian countries.

Mystery shoppers are independent contractors, most of who works on a part-time basement. Our mystery shoppers report on observable behaviors and conditions. Because they remain anonymous, they provide very candid feedback. They are not employees of Scheduling Worldwide and are not obligated to accept mystery shopping assignments. This leads to willing participation and reduced bias.

  • Improving the quality of service
  • Similar service across the country (no matter whether it is the city or village)
  • Quick feedback for the customer
  • Training and motivating employees
  • Sales growth
  • Providing a practical tool for evaluating the processes efficiency
  • Personal sales growth for 50%
  • Objective service indicators growing for 5-10% per year
  • NPS growing for 10-12%
  • Employee satisfaction grows for 20% per year
  • Theft reducing
  • Growth of high margin projects FOR 50%
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