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Quality assurance and methodological support

Let us cover for all paper work
Cut ops costs – outsource the validation
No time for survey forms and instructions creation – our specialists ready to take up
Improve your project flow and decrease shoppers mistakes by 70%

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Services in numbers

Of our Clients use validation services for their projects


our validators and translators work in more than 25 languages


our validators work full time and ensure uninterrupted quality of project proofreading on time

How does it work?
  • Development and testing

  • verified
  • Validation and Translation Process

  • verified
  • Delivery and review

  • verified
  • Clients Approval

Development and testing
  • Survey development and project instructions, according to your requirements
  • Survey testing by a group of our highly qualified methodologists
  • Development of a project validation and shoppers instructions
  • Review and modifications upon your feedback
Validation and Translation Process
  • Proofreading of surveys for logic and grammar, according to scenario and project requirements
  • Proofreading is performed by native speakers (validators and translators of our extensive database)
Passing of information to the Client
  • We have vast experience working with projects in various areas.
  • After our processing, you get a high-quality, competent report with full comments and high-quality artifacts
  • Development and translation of surveys or instructions for your project
  • Testing your survey with our highly-competent team of methodologists
  • Adding the necessary parameters and indexes to your survey (for more value from the project)
  • Validation your survey in most European and non-European languages using native speakers
  • Check your surveys at the right time and according to your requirements on 100%
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  • Website
  • Social page
  • Press releases
  • Inner teams guides
  • Company’s ads
  • Certificates, loyalty program’s creation
  • Any text related social activity


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