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Using our resources, you will be able to reduce your costs by up to 75%, depending on the program's scale


Of our clients integrated program results to all levels of employee’s motivation

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  • You send us a request
  • We analize your needs
  • Coordinate the scope of work
  • Deliver work
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  • Project design according to your sales targets

    Regular rotation of mystery shoppers

They have already improved their performance

“A large base of mystery shoppers allows evaluating the quality of service with the coverage of the whole country. Comfortable functionality of the report-system allows producing the statistic data in the frame of each store and consultant, in addition to the questionnaire components. Such a method of data flow allows to rapidly monitor the level of service, as well as to provide prompt feedback to our employees. All of the above help us to greatly increase the level of professionalism.”


“It’s worth noting the following advantages of working with 4Service Group: – User friendliness of “Shopmetrics” platform. – A large base of mystery shoppers, thus facilitating “rotation” standards. – Flexibility and high-professionalism of the project team. As a result of our experience, UniCreditBank would like to fully recommend 4Service Group as a reliable and competent Mystery Shopping provider.”


“The polls are carried out with a certain frequency in order to keep track in time; the procedure has been done for decades. We conduct them once in half a year, measure brand knowledge, brand attitude, consumer perception of price level, quality level compared to specific competitors as well as how our consumers perceive the level of service in the store, that is, we evaluate all the factors. ”


“We started out with an open audit concept. But this concept did not reflect our real goals. In other words, the customer’s point of view was missing from the equation. And then we decided, after receiving the first results from our Russian colleagues, to start afresh with mystery shopping as a new tool to improve our sales performance.”


“When there are requests for mystery shoppers we consider Scheduling Worldwide in the first place. ”

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Are you aware, It is 6-7 time more costly to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one?

Take a chance to increase the loyalty of your clients, improve your business and reap the benefits of mystery shopping program!

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Advertising drives sales. And quality is a ticket to success. If a company wants to develop effectively, it is necessary first of all to find out the consumer needs, and secondly, meet customers’ expectations. Secret shopper companies will professionally help you with this task.

What Is Marketing Research And Why Is It Important

Nowadays it is hardly possible to distribute products or services efficiently without conducting marketing research with the help of secret shop companies. Market research performed by secret shop companies includes obtaining, analyzing, and explaining information about a certain market where a firm operates, or products/ services a company offers in that trade area. Investigating the market gives you opportunities for increasing sales, improving customer management, and leading an enterprise to business growth and development. 

In this article, we will tell you about such a form of market research technique as a secret consumer or mysterious shopper, offered by mystery shopping firms.

What Is the Purpose Of Secret Shopping?

This technique appeared in the middle of the XX century and was invented by mystery shopping providers with the purpose to investigate the work ethics of employees. Ever since the assigned mission of secret shopping was changed. Present firms construct a customer-oriented strategy as consumers influence the success of the organization.

Today’s organizations aim to improve customer experience and satisfaction. The technique of secret shopping gains insights from the organization at a front level perspective. Secret shop companies use this procedure for estimating the quality of service, or observance of regulation, or collecting particular data about goods and services.

Who Is a Secret Shopper And Where to Find One?

A mysterious consumer is an independent auditor pretending to be an ordinary customer. This representative of the mystery survey company gathers information about product quality and service delivery by a retail firm. A shopper records his experience of buying items, putting questions, etc. He also has an agreed scenario of behavior in a particular manner. Then he provides reports or feedback to a mystery shopping agency that processes this information. 

 The secret shopper’s specific identity and goal are usually not known by the company being checked. Mystery shop companies use this method for quality control or for researching competitors’ products.

Mystery Shopper Services. Legitimate Mystery Shopper Agencies

If you need to conduct secret shopper audits and mystery shopping research, you should apply to one of the mystery shopping audit companies. A leading European secret shopper service company Scheduling Worldwide can provide a mystery customer audit at your request. There are more than 500 thousand mystery experts who will do research for you. Go and see for yourself the advantages and benefits of cooperating with such a respectful Mystery Shopping Services Company.

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