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May 2019
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Best countries for Mystery shopping

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Have you already planned your summer holidays? You may explore new locations and enjoy Mystery Shopping. We would like to present to you TOP-5 European countries, where mystery shopping is one of the most popular activities. Remember, you should speak a local language, have a mobile phone and a willingness to improve the quality of service all over the world.

1) France

France is well known for its contribution to the arts, such as cooking, design, and architecture. Most people associate French culture with Paris, which is the center of fashion, cuisine, and art, but life outside of the City of Lights is very different and varies by region. French culture is world culture, so do not miss a chance to get acquainted with it.

  • National character
    The French are people who are renowned for defending their rights and freedom.
    Mystery shopping gives you the opportunity to substantiate their claims of high-quality service.
  • Shopping itself
    By performing mystery evaluations, you may receive reimbursement for purchasing popular French products, which would be very satisfying.

2) United Kingdom

  • Country’s accessibility
    London is among the top three most visited cities in the world and, in Europe, it actually ranks first. This is the wealthiest city in Europe. On top of that, the English language is more or less universal, which makes life easier for almost any foreigner.
  • Polite people
    Have you heard about well-known British politeness? Here is a great chance to experience it personally. You will be surrounded by amazing, nice and tolerant people so you even may you may even widen your network of contacts and friends.
  • Insecure full-time employment
    It’s hard to find a good job here, so mystery shopping is a great opportunity to make some money.

3) Germany

Do you want to practice your German in one of the most open and loyal European countries? People praise Germany for its “focus on key global issues, such as the migrant crisis and Eurozone unity. So why we may name it the best solution for Mystery shoppers?

  • Extra income for refugees and migrants.
    Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world, after the United States. Of all the 27 European Union States, Germany has the second highest percentage of immigrants in its population after the United Kingdom. So the level of unemployment here is growing day by day. Mystery shopping is the type of work which allows migrants to earn some extra money and gain experience in the field of research.
  • Practice in a language which contains a huge number of dialects.
    Speaking to the consultant and fulfilling the survey, as part of Mystery shoppers job, gives you an opportunity to improve your language skills – from speaking Standard German to having a feel for a language.

4) Portugal

  • Reasonable prices
    The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, remains Western Europe’s least expensive capital, where shopping is also a cultural experience. So Mystery Shopping may be a good addition to your everyday activities here. You may easily earn some money and spend it in some historic stores like the tiny “Luvaria Ulisses” glove shop and “Casa das Velas do Loreto” for candles.
  • Local wine
    You should taste Portuguese wine. Nothing more.
    P.S. But remember not to perform mystery shopping visits under the influence of alcohol 🙂

5) Norway

  • Variety of mystery shopping opportunities.
    Everyone here may find a project according to their liking – from taking consultation on daily footwear to checking the quality of service in luxurious car dealerships.
  • Spectacular views.
    You may enjoy your life to its fullest while making a tour through the country. Mountains and forests will inspire travelers to reach great heights in their daily work. Surely, you will be on cloud nine.

We might continue this list forever, but first, we want to know your opinion. Why do you consider your country to be the perfect one for mystery shopping? Please, share your arguments in the comments below.

5/5 - (1 vote)
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