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“The polls are carried out with a certain frequency in order to keep track in time; the procedure has been done for decades. We conduct them once in half a year, measure brand knowledge, brand attitude, consumer perception of price level, quality level compared to specific competitors as well as how our consumers perceive the level of service in the store, that is, we evaluate all the factors. ”


“It’s worth noting the following advantages of working with 4Service Group: – User friendliness of “Shopmetrics” platform. – A large base of mystery shoppers, thus facilitating “rotation” standards. – Flexibility and high-professionalism of the project team. As a result of our experience, UniCreditBank would like to fully recommend 4Service Group as a reliable and competent Mystery Shopping provider.”


“We started out with an open audit concept. But this concept did not reflect our real goals. In other words, the customer’s point of view was missing from the equation. And then we decided, after receiving the first results from our Russian colleagues, to start afresh with mystery shopping as a new tool to improve our sales performance.”


“A large base of mystery shoppers allows evaluating the quality of service with the coverage of the whole country. Comfortable functionality of the report-system allows producing the statistic data in the frame of each store and consultant, in addition to the questionnaire components. Such a method of data flow allows to rapidly monitor the level of service, as well as to provide prompt feedback to our employees. All of the above help us to greatly increase the level of professionalism.”

Better Business

“Quick and efficient fieldwork. Prompt responses and updates from the primary contact.”

Socar Cases

“Socar highly recommends 4Service as a reliable partner. They conduct high quality quantitative and qualitative studies and provide invaluable guidance on how to move forward.”


“When there are requests for mystery shoppers we consider Scheduling Worldwide in the first place. ”

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Сustomer experience surveys Become a Partner

High-quality consumer experience management services are pretty often an underrated sales tool that can retain and attract new clients. Good service creates a reputation among consumers and affects buyers’ brand satisfaction. In turn, satisfied visitors can promote your company with their recommendations and positive feedback. Contrariwise, bad reviews will influence reputation and reliability of your company negatively.

Nota Bene

Conscious attitude towards the quality of customer experience organization as a competitive advantage has become a global trend. For information, 82% of companies consider high level of customer experience user experience to be main indicator that allows them being ahead of the field. 77.5% recognized the level of customer service experience as a strategic factor that affects profit (in accordance with the 2016 benchmarking report by Dimension Data).

Customer service (CS) is for sure a complex process. Its quality depends on numerous predictable and vagarious outer and inner variables. Let us get a deeper insight into what cx management is on practice.

CX Customer Experience vs. Sales

CS can be considered an important promoter of sales. Good service will make your potential client turn into return buyer (in other words, long-standing or regular visitor). As shown in a study by American Management Association, regular clients who buy from you again and again because they like provided service make an average of 65% of company’s turnover.

Studies also show that customer experience management solutions become a more effective tool for increasing sales and profits than marketing, promotion, and advertising for many companies, improving their services.

Stages of Creating Qualitative CX Customer Service

Despite the fact that each company has its own “special” target consumer, it goes through the same stages of forming reliable CX strategy and CX solutions. These stages include following steps:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to define target audience (in simple words, those consumers who are interested in offered services and for whom the company is ready to invest, work, and change). Here it is a must to find out needs and expectations of the audience for realizing deep customer experience analysis.
  2. Secondly, development of Service Standard is a must. It should be flexible enough for variations in different areas of sale of goods or services. Besides, this standard is to be adopted not only in customer experience analytics department but also by senior management and other employees. This will help determine the degree of enterprise’s development and avoid standstill periods. Overall, Standard Service is to be improved with the flow of time and trends.
  3. Personnel Training in Standard Service and Sales Technique is an important part of any company’s life. For information, it should include behavior training of how to act in atypical situations for maintaining general level of well-thought-out CX management. This will help personnel become more independent in their decision-making and know limits of acceptable initiatives and creativity while offering customer experience optimization.
  4. Creating an effective recruitment system will influence positively cx management and customer experience monitoring. This is especially important when it comes to recruitment of personnel who interacts with buyers directly. The requirements for employees serving clients are determined by proclaimed values ​​of service policy.
  5. Implementation of a customer experience audit and control system will improve personnel’s communication with consumers. It allows a company knowing how their employees actually serve consumers on a daily basis, fixing effective communication techniques with various psychological types of consumers and their subsequent implementation in corporate service standards. In this case, it will be a rational decision to have on board a customer experience analyst to advise the most beneficial and flexible ways of customer experience management consulting.
  6. Formation of motivation system for employees will evoke and increase their sincere desire to help buyers in achieving the best client experience. On the one hand, this will simplify customer experience tracking. On the other hand, this will promote maintaining high level of employees’ interest in maintaining qualitative customer experience management services, as well as optimized customer experience product.
  7. Creating a permanent system for receiving feedback from clients. This stage will help a company to make customer experience market research and find new ways for satisfying their target audience. In turn, it will profit company’s activities as well.
  8. Conducting regular working sessions with employees of front office. In this case, confidence in employees’ opinions and suggestions is the strongest motivation for their loyalty to the company. Besides, this will help you get to know effectiveness of your company’s customer experience management strategy firsthand.

One of the most important steps for improving your company’s customer experience system is to make responsible for achieving this aim not only a particular department but a part of your common corporate business activity.

Customer Experience Professional: CX Survey

You can manage the quality of CS in different ways, including questionnaires live and via the internet, use of control panels, and more.

The Mystery Shopper study allows a company to evaluate compliance with CS standards, customer experience consultant and employees’ honesty, sales techniques, stress resistance, and visual standards. For checking managers of online stores, Mystery calling method will come in handy.

Each method has its own advantages, limitations, and scope, but none is universal. Therefore, the greatest effect is achieved through using a systematic multi-optional approach. In simple words, a systematic approach is a combination of various investigating and CR research methods within the framework of a unified methodology and a unified quality of service management system.

The general technique allows a company to link the results obtained by different methods and implement customer experience insights to improve services. For example, frequency of Mystery Shoppers visits may depend on the level of customer loyalty at a particular point of sale. This rate can be measured by keypads or other special controlling equipment.

CX Company as a Competitive Advantage

Since quality service is an effective sales tool, it provides a sustainable competitive advantage. Pretty often, this is the only company’s strength in comparison to other companies. Especially, this concerns the cases when manufacturers offer the same products of services of similar level of quality.


Without a doubt, one of the company’s main tasks is to maintain customer services at a decent level. This will benefit both parties of so-called communication: both companies and their target audiences. You can go for and give your preference to help of customer experience research agency or a CX researcher. Otherwise, you can do your best for improving your customer experience company without customer experience researcher’s assistance. No matter which way you will choose, client’s satisfaction is your aim to achieve.

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