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January 2020
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What Is CSAT Survey

Irina Yaroshenko

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Market research specialists use surveys as a tool for collecting specific information. Surveys help to find out motives for decisions, needs, opinions and attitude of the respondents, who are market subjects, on a particular product, company, service or process.

Conducted by professionals, such research is a powerful analytics tool, that can be used to map out a development strategy and process management in a short time frame.

What Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)?

Customer CSAT survey is a questionnaire created to help leaders evaluate their business, investigating customer satisfaction with products or services, client support, etc., provided by company. CSAT surveys are aimed at meeting customer expectation, improving products and services, satisfying market demands.

At Scheduling Worldwide, we apply surveys to figure out users experience and handle their problems. In a result, we will be able to find out where your company is going, what is its product’s position in the market, and what is needed to be improved.

CSAT Score

There are several types of surveys, helping to get feedback from the customers and learn about their experience. Client satisfaction poll include simple questions and answers such as Yes/ No/ Not sure, happy or sad emoticon. The scale usually ranges from 1 to 3, between 1 and 5, or 1 – 10.

Examples of questions used in customer satisfaction surveys:

  • Are you satisfied with the purchase?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of service?
  • How would you rate the assistance received?
  • Would you recommend our company to your relatives and friends?
  • What do you think differentiates us from competitors?
  • What would you change in our company?

The CSAT score you obtain is an average rating of your customer responses. High CSAT scores measure high level of client consumer satisfaction, while negative scores show that there are many issues needed to be resolved.

CSAT Testing

Customer satisfaction survey is a proven technique designed for measuring client satisfaction.

It is important to consider cultural differences of target audience from different countries in order to correctly understand their concerns and pay immediate attention to their needs. In order to reduce the risk of getting false conclusions, we advise to entrust analyzing surveys to professionals in this field.

Being a leading European market research agency, Scheduling Worldwide suggests full set of services in marketing sphere, including the study of customer satisfaction. Check out the page and find out how our skilled analysts can help to make your customers happier!

5/5 - (2 votes)
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