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They have already improved their performance

“It’s worth noting the following advantages of working with 4Service Group: – User friendliness of “Shopmetrics” platform. – A large base of mystery shoppers, thus facilitating “rotation” standards. – Flexibility and high-professionalism of the project team. As a result of our experience, UniCreditBank would like to fully recommend 4Service Group as a reliable and competent Mystery Shopping provider.”


“The polls are carried out with a certain frequency in order to keep track in time; the procedure has been done for decades. We conduct them once in half a year, measure brand knowledge, brand attitude, consumer perception of price level, quality level compared to specific competitors as well as how our consumers perceive the level of service in the store, that is, we evaluate all the factors. ”


“A large base of mystery shoppers allows evaluating the quality of service with the coverage of the whole country. Comfortable functionality of the report-system allows producing the statistic data in the frame of each store and consultant, in addition to the questionnaire components. Such a method of data flow allows to rapidly monitor the level of service, as well as to provide prompt feedback to our employees. All of the above help us to greatly increase the level of professionalism.”


“We started out with an open audit concept. But this concept did not reflect our real goals. In other words, the customer’s point of view was missing from the equation. And then we decided, after receiving the first results from our Russian colleagues, to start afresh with mystery shopping as a new tool to improve our sales performance.”


“PZU has been working with 4Service Group since 2011. The company implemented the Mystery Shopping program, which included the individual questionnaire which had been specifically developed according to our company standards. We receive regular updates on the monitoring results and also regular presentations of the outcomes.”


“When there are requests for mystery shoppers we consider Scheduling Worldwide in the first place. ”

Better Business

“Quick and efficient fieldwork. Prompt responses and updates from the primary contact.”

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Bank cards and banks testing

Regardless of whether your company is launching a new product in finances or whether you are not satisfied with your customers retention, testing of both processes and technologies will provide you will all the needed answers, solutions and insights.

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Testing Importance

Today’s market is hypercompetitive. If an enterprise aims to grow and develop, it should implement digital approach into all business aspects. Digital solutions are no optional anymore. It is a must. 

When it comes to presenting new financial product, or when you admit low customer loyalty, it’s the right time for conducting a specific kind of research.

Banks and bank cards testing allows inspecting the following issues:

  • Compatible banks and cards. Our experts examine if debit and credit cards match major card issuers and banks.
    • Transaction speed. Time is money! Quickness has become more important than ever before. Users expect any operation fulfillment within seconds.
    • Level of security. Protection criterion – one of key factors of banks’ trustworthy and client’s confidence. The data should be secure at rest and in transit. Current account fraud not only involves the use of full overdraft limit of the account holder, but often opens the door for subsequent fraudulent activity. Criminals can use information obtained as a result of successful theft of client’s personal data for subsequent fraud with other financial products, such as consumer loans or credit cards. Attack directions are: bank card fraud; ATM hacking (or jackpotting); phishing (A type of online fraud, which purpose consists in gaining access to confidential user data (logins and passwords). The user thinks that he enters the declared site, but in fact he is redirected to the fake one. As a rule, victims of phishers are customers of banks and payment systems.).


  • Compatibility of cards and payment systems. Another key factor that influences customer loyalty – effectiveness of working processes. It not only makes a payment process easier, but streamlines business administration which is very important for corporate clients, and improves customer experience management.


  • Customer journey. We inspect the path that customer follows before making a purchase decision. The consumer, as a rule, does not make a purchasing decision immediately after the first acquaintance with product. In most cases, he prefers becoming familiar with brand before choosing any action. That’s why it is so valuable to be aware of all hidden details of customer interaction cycle.
  • Online support tools. During operation, customers may encounter technical or other problems of varying complexity, requiring an urgent solution. So, you need a professional technical support service that will quickly respond to the current situation and help with fixing the problem. The relevance of support services should not be underestimated. If problems arise, they must be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thus, it is essential to check if online support performs professionally. Online support staff should be available 24/7, seven days a week.
  • Online banking. A winning digital banking strategy is a trend. It positively influences customer loyalty and helps creating competitive advantage. Nowadays a lot of transactions are made via mobile banking. So you should consider digital banking customer journey as significant factor worth special attention.

Handling complaints. Professional customer service is an art. We will find the mistakes and help you turn unsatisfied clients into regular customers.

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