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Service Design

Innovative idea, focusing on the creation of an attractive service, which is based on the reasonable needs of the client.

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Service design begins with a full understanding of people and their needs, and is based on three principles:






  • Customer service design
  • Service design for leaders
  • Service design for staff
  • Open workshops
  • Conducting strategic sessions
  • Own methods of monitoring

    15+ years on the market

  • verified
  • Tonality of feedback analysis

    More than 100 professionals

  • verified
  • Quality assurance process

    100+ implemented cases in practice with the world's leading brands

  • verified
  • Data-driven conclusions

    Sharing experiences with design thinking experts from 25 countries

They have already improved their performance
CX consultant (Kazakhstan)

“Everything was interesting: creativity exercises, team approach, competitive spirit, support and inspiration, hands-on practice for service design tools, meetings and interviews with real customers.”


“We had a lot of practise during the course and all the material was presented in the form of a game. It was bright, exciting and captivating. I learned a lot of insights, several new tools and brushed up some skills.”


“Thank you very much for the information and cool practice. Despite an online format, it was really 80% hand-on course! Special thanks for having challenges as one of the topics as it is relevant for many bankers, cloud solutions for co-creation, and the creative team.”

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We have a common mission

We have become part of a community with a common mission, common goals and have the opportunity to work with a creative, energetic and innovative international team. Each member of the team has a history, bringing them together, giving our clients access to international experience and tools to inspire, challenge and strengthen their ability to solve problems creatively, helping organizations create a human-centered environment and thinking.

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