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January 2020
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How to Increase Brand Loyalty

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Make Your Business Flourish Investing In Brand Loyalty

When companies talk about consumer’s desire to become a regular customer, make constant purchases and recommend acquaintances company’s services, then brand loyalty is taken into consideration. In other words, this parameter represents inner devotion that the target audience has for business’s brand.

How to Measure Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty can be measured using the NPS index. This parameter shows how current customers evaluate their interaction with a company, as well as how much they are willing not only to make further purchases, but also recommend their relatives, friends and colleagues products and services you supply.

In simple words, NPS is a form of a small survey. For assessing brand loyalty, ask visitors to answer a simple question whether they can recommend others company’s products or services, and rate this desire between 0 and 10. The low figure means complete dissatisfaction with the company’s work, while the maximum point shows the contrary. Besides, for getting a clearer understanding of firm’s weaknesses, check uncontented cases of your work.

Expert Recommendations How to Increase Brand Loyalty

Believe it or not, there are no magic ways for making brand loyalty grow from scratch at rapid-fire pace. Obviously, there are such things like hype, but they help to achieve a short-term effect only. Incidently, there is no need to imagine and realize Mission Impossible: make business effective, following simple but reliable actions:

  • Never stop development efforts on services and offers you provide. There is always a room for improvement. In this case, your customer support must be second to none. If a client encounters any issue after purchasing a product or service, a responsible department of your enterprise should be able to meet any case head-on and find the most appropriate way for solving a problem.
  • Improve company’s corporate culture and be honest with the consumers. Don’t make impracticable offers if you are not sure your work on it will be efficient.
  • Continue analyzing productivity and customer reaction on the news and updates.
  • Be multichannel. In accordance with the Sprout Social study, 57% of the target audience prefers buying from brands they follow on social networks. But that is not a limit.

There are five simple steps that should be fulfilled for building company’s brand loyalty among consumers:

  1. Research the market, compare your results with what competitors show. NB: the task is not to copy them but to get inspired. Pretty often, you can evaluate successful strategies that work in one case but will be insufficient in your situation.
  2. Find out how customers evaluate the brand. This investigation will help you understand which parameters must be improved and updated.
  3. Develop your own strategy of building and increasing brand loyalty. Being sure that people are aware of the brand is half the battle. In this perspective, a company should reach a golden medium and become a good friend for consumers. Too much attention may turn out to be annoying, so one of the best ways to be reliable is to be always there when potential and current visitors need you.
  4. Make the strategies work in reality. After the basic and deep research is done, you need to use all necessary resources to make organization’s departments work like a charm.
  5. Make sure you are not twiddling your thumbs. To reach the goals, think of the ways how to get sincere feedback from the audience.

Of course, these tips are just a generalization of all scope of work that should be performed to make brand loyalty prosper. To get a more detailed instruction of which solution YOUR company can use to become more successful, get in touch with us. If you are not sure what your brand is lacking, Scheduling Worldwide marketing specialists can create a full perspective of your particular case and make you an individual offer.

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