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December 2019
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Irina Yaroshenko

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Current globalization has a great influence on the business world. This important process has been involved in all spheres of life and not limited to economics only, but has a significant impact on all key areas of our society. Due to the current environment, business models are undergoing a transformation correspondingly to their philosophy, which is being changed, too.

Concluding to enter the world market is a serious commitment. It is important to know the customer’s needs in order to be successful. They are different depending on the habitation area. It is necessary to find out the needs before entering countries in which the company operates its business in order to supply appropriate products.

Tools for understanding customers needs

Aiming to better understand customers and make a successful business, companies turn to market research. They can do it in-house or hire specialists. Read more about it in our article Buy Nice or Buy Twice IN-HOUSE or OUTSOURCED MARKET RESEARCH?

If a company decides to give this work to an outsource, it turns to the help of a market research agency. This company collects and processes data on market participants. The best mystery shopping companies provide information about distributors, customers or competitors.

The agency provides an outside view based on experience of similar situations. In different segments represented in the market, there are no top companies that would independently carry out complex marketing research.

Why Scheduling?

Scheduling Worldwide is one of the leading European companies that designs marketing research. Our company executes its work in accordance with agreed and tested international standards.

In 2005, we became a member of mystery shopping providers global organization MSPA. Mystery shopping providers association is working on improving and promoting mystery shopping services. MSPA is the biggest association of mystery shopping companies.

All of MSPA companies work at establishing mechanisms to measure service. Mystery shopper service helps to analyze and grow business, expanding new horizons. For this purpose, MSPA members use secret shopper services in different spheres.

Scheduling mystery shopping services are suitable for food retail, automotive, banks, clothes, fuel stations, IT, governmental, non-food retail.

Two times in a row Scheduling Worldwide has become Elite member of MSPA. Nowadays our company goes through the final stage of transformation to a customer experience agency. We are implementing the customer approach in our company and help our clients make the same.

Scheduling Worldwide provides more than just market research. We help brands grow and develop an exceptional service. We’re doing this on the basis of our personal values and global experience, obsessive attention to detail, outstanding creativity, efficient technologies, and a perfect customer approach.

We conduct the full cycle research design in case you need to design and create your market research from scratch and find service insights. If you already have a brief and need a tactic partner for your product or end customer, we offer you a project approach.

5/5 - (2 votes)
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