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Of customers make their choice after brand review in social media


Of our research confirmed that critical feedbacks are ignored


Of clients stated that brand image in social media is a key factor to buy

How it works?
  • Give us your brand name
  • We launch our machine research
  • We analyze the tonality of feedbacks
  • We build a strategy of interaction
  • You grow your brand awareness
  • Own methods of monitoring

    Own methods of monitoring

  • verified
  • Tonality of feedback analysis

    Tonality of feedback analysis

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  • Quality assurance process

    Quality assurance process

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  • Data-driven conclusions

    Data-driven conclusions

They have already improved their performance

“We started out with an open audit concept. But this concept did not reflect our real goals. In other words, the customer’s point of view was missing from the equation. And then we decided, after receiving the first results from our Russian colleagues, to start afresh with mystery shopping as a new tool to improve our sales performance.”


“4Service offers high quality investigations and we are absolutely delighted with their results which help us evaluate customer loyalty and influence how we improve on our service. We feel 100% certain we have made the right decision in choosing 4Service to conduct this work for us.”

Better Business

“Quick and efficient fieldwork. Prompt responses and updates from the primary contact.”


“When there are requests for mystery shoppers we consider Scheduling Worldwide in the first place. ”


“The polls are carried out with a certain frequency in order to keep track in time; the procedure has been done for decades. We conduct them once in half a year, measure brand knowledge, brand attitude, consumer perception of price level, quality level compared to specific competitors as well as how our consumers perceive the level of service in the store, that is, we evaluate all the factors. ”

Socar Cases

“Socar highly recommends 4Service as a reliable partner. They conduct high quality quantitative and qualitative studies and provide invaluable guidance on how to move forward.”

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Find new opportunities using Web Social Media for your brand!

Social media contribute to changing social discourse and create a platform on the basis of which trends and forecasts are formed, topics in which vary from environment and politics to technology and the entertainment industry.

Know how

We live in a modern high-tech society. The Internet has embraced the whole world and all spheres of human activity. Online stores give you the opportunity for making purchases without leaving your home, online broadcasts allow you watching TV shows, news programs, etc. Information exchange, job search, communication between people, relaxation are moving into the virtual world today.

The Role Of Social Networks In Human Life

Nowadays most people cannot imagine their lives without social networks, which have completely covered the world with their web. Their main function is ensuring the maintenance of communication between people and sharing any information. We must conclude that social networks play a huge role in modern people life.

People use social media for reading fresh news and getting useful or entertaining information. If there are disasters or grassroots movements, people report about injuries or send requests for help, organise events or post news. Social media is also used for business and marketing purposes to find products or services reviews and read other users’ recommendations. It is very advantageous to read feedbacks and comments prior to buying items or commanding services. 

The more people place reliance on social media in regard to social, business and political episodes, the more social networks turns into arena for villains, who can use it for evil purposes like posting false information. Consequently, users face challenge finding out if presented information is reliable or fake. If a reference source is unknown for consumer, he must find a way for measuring user credibility in social media.

Assessing Data Credibility

 Monitoring the information reliability is extremely important. Credibility is a complex feature of being trustworthy.  As for info credibility, its reliability is determined in terms of completeness, integrity and truth of data. We can describe media content search algorithm as following. A user must evaluate the search results relevance, reliability and significance:

  • information verifiability and its actual compliance;
  • data confirmation or refutation from several sources;
  • ability to establish the source and its independence;
  • evidence precedents availability;
  • possible expert assessment of info content or a link to an authoritative source;
  • situational identification of connection “quality content fake”;
  • ability to contact the media content author for clarification.

With a focus on navigating the informational world and being able to separate reliable data from false one, it is necessary to:

  • own skills of a competent search for records, clearly imagine what you are looking for on network, correctly formulate a search query;
  • explore sources of content;
  • learn to critically select and evaluate data;
  • be able to check actual errors;
  • study the syntactic plan of info functioning, its logic construction, structure;
  • be able to separate scientific argument from unscientific, correct from incorrect;
  • compare the meaning inherent in the information message with their basic ranks on a particular problem, if there is a shortage of them, refer to additional literature, other evidence sources;
  • organize data, search for hidden meaning.

Since information is reliable if it is relevant with reality, the skill of checking the data and determining the degree of their reliability is very important. If you master this skill, you can avoid all kinds of misinformation traps.

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