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Services in numbers

Clients run program on a quarterly basis


Average target products growth after second stage of the program


Budgets economy comparing to direct marketing

How it works?
  • You send us a request
  • We form the team according to your needs
  • Coordinate the scope of work
  • Deliver work
  • You receive the fixing instructions to raise the loyalty of employees
  • Cross-continental experience

    Cross-continental experience

  • verified
  • Shoppers grading-based selection

    Shoppers grading-based selection

  • verified
  • Smart cases and results guarantee

    Smart cases and results guarantee

  • verified
  • Project design according to your sales targets

    Project design according to your sales targets

They have already improved their performance

“It’s worth noting the following advantages of working with 4Service Group: – User friendliness of “Shopmetrics” platform. – A large base of mystery shoppers, thus facilitating “rotation” standards. – Flexibility and high-professionalism of the project team. As a result of our experience, UniCreditBank would like to fully recommend 4Service Group as a reliable and competent Mystery Shopping provider.”


“A large base of mystery shoppers allows evaluating the quality of service with the coverage of the whole country. Comfortable functionality of the report-system allows producing the statistic data in the frame of each store and consultant, in addition to the questionnaire components. Such a method of data flow allows to rapidly monitor the level of service, as well as to provide prompt feedback to our employees. All of the above help us to greatly increase the level of professionalism.”


“The polls are carried out with a certain frequency in order to keep track in time; the procedure has been done for decades. We conduct them once in half a year, measure brand knowledge, brand attitude, consumer perception of price level, quality level compared to specific competitors as well as how our consumers perceive the level of service in the store, that is, we evaluate all the factors. ”


“We started out with an open audit concept. But this concept did not reflect our real goals. In other words, the customer’s point of view was missing from the equation. And then we decided, after receiving the first results from our Russian colleagues, to start afresh with mystery shopping as a new tool to improve our sales performance.”

Socar Cases

“Socar highly recommends 4Service as a reliable partner. They conduct high quality quantitative and qualitative studies and provide invaluable guidance on how to move forward.”

Better Business

“Quick and efficient fieldwork. Prompt responses and updates from the primary contact.”

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Are you sure you know everything about your employees?

Fill in the application form and find out what is happening behind the curtains of your business.

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If the atmosphere in your team is unhealthy, the efficiency of individual units is low, customer’s/ client’s dissatisfaction is present, employees do not fulfill assigned tasks, you are not happy with a particular employee or there is a high personnel turnover in the company, we strongly recommend to order service called «Mystery Employee».

Who Is Mister X

A secret employee is a unique service that allows you to monitor all work processes or individual employees, causing distrust, questions. The peculiarity of this service is that you obtain objective and reliable information about what is happening in a team, without distracting staff from direct duties.

At the end of the program, a mystery employee analyzes collected information and prepares a report on the processes within your company, identifies weaknesses, and generates suggestions for their reduction and elimination.

Outward Glance

Get ready to find out the truth. As part of service, we assess personnel and identify various problems at different levels of work while interacting in a team or with clients, from secretaries to the finance department. It is very effective in all spheres, including the provision of services.

Do you need to identify problem employees? We will find an inefficient business unit – the reason for communication problems, low sales, lack of motivation, search for outside work. Demotivator in your team will be detected, and schedule changes suggested.

Considering data gathered, we form a list of recommendations describing the positive and negative aspects that exist in your company at different levels. At this stage, a key request “How to achieve success” can be answered.

A ghost colleague can make changes in teamwork at the initial stage by inculcating a model of sales, communication, service, and other competencies necessary to achieve changes in your company.

In the course of the check, we carry out:

  • gathering and recording information (about the company and personnel characteristics);
  • identification of the level of employee loyalty to the organization (written and unwritten rules and regulations);
  • behavior at the workplace;
  • corporate rules (interaction with customers, the image of an organization, which is transmitted to the client);
  • identification of interpersonal relationships in the company and group cohesiveness;
  • objective coverage of “What people are talking about”/ “What they think”;
  • an objective assessment of employee’s job placement;
  • fixing internal “features” of the work of department/ unit.

Program Result

Our company objectively generates analytical reports on the processes within the organization highlighting weaknesses and proposals for their elimination. Profit increases as a result of a company reorganization. You will experience continuous business development.

We guarantee complete confidentiality of results as it is an integral part of our job.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Employees

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