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January 2020
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Trends in Market Research 2020

Derkach Anastasiya

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It is extremely important to use the most advanced available methodologies, as the new decade prepares us to further innovations development in all spheres.

What is 2020 preparing for us?

Research automation

The main trend of market research from the latest innovations is in particular automation or artificial intelligence. The demand for automated research is growing with the increasing demand for data delivery directly to the notebooks. Automated processes make it possible to conduct qualitative research faster and cheaper. The use of AI will facilitate effective analysis of open text responses. This time saving creates great value for clients.

Software Convergence

Improvements in data collection, AI implementation and automation will inevitably lead to the need for easily adaptable digital market research methodologies. They must ensure that applications and sites are easy and straightforward to use. Half of the surveys are already being conducted on mobile devices, yet many survey platforms do not have the ability to adapt questions to mobile devices. Survey software and applications need to move towards mobile compatibility, otherwise, they risk losing business.

Combining traditional and innovative methods

To understand what drives data into the digital world, it is necessary to study not only numbers but also human imagination, feelings, and thinking. This requires mixed methods: qualitative research supported by new types of quantitative measurements (e.g.imagination measurement) and behavioral science-based data analysis. Brands that use social media analytics and bugging tools to gain insight into online conversations and consumer behavior are ultimately more successful in providing specialized expertise to their target consumers.

We hope you have benefited from this article. Scheduling continues to innovate its work and follow the main trends of market research.

5/5 - (2 votes)
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