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January 2020
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Why is market research important?

Derkach Anastasiya

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Marketing as activity, efforts and behaviour on the market appeared long ago in ancient times, when dealers drummed up and touted for customers at a bazaar. At the present day, marketing is a philosophy of modern business, that sets direction for company’s strategic development. It is aimed at identifying customer needs, creating products, their successful promoting and selling, establishing long-term relationship with consumers. Briefly speaking, the role of marketing for the organisation is to increase its trade efficiency.

Marketing Research As a Useful Tool for Wise Decision-Making

If you wonder why marketing research is important, we can assure you that careful investigation and analysis of goods and prices, product distribution and sales, consumers, competitors, and internal environment of an enterprise contribute a lot to the company’s strong position in the market. Correct intelligent actions, aimed at reducing risks and forming, developing and meeting consumptive demand for goods or services, should be taken basing on marketing research, executed by professionals.

How You Can Benefit

What does market research do? Investigating company’s business environment allows to be closer to the consumer, feel and understand his needs and mood in order to make right strategic decisions.

Relying on data, gathered in a result of market research, one can choose the optimal trade area, make forecasts of market evolution and design appropriate solutions of marketing influence on the market, for the purpose to ensure the effectiveness of business and marketing activities of an enterprise, as well as implementation of company’s strategic directions.

What Do We Offer?

Let us be more specific and describe, what market research involves. Our Scheduling Worldwide specialists are experts in investigating sales dynamics, market position of goods/ services, competitors’ products and substitute products, market acceptance of new products and packaging, effectiveness of promotional events, etc.

If you need to explore the following issues:

  • increase in sales and profit growth;
  • find out the reasons and analysis of factors strengthening the competitor’s position in the market;
  • introduction of a new product/ service;
  • behavioural inquiry of consumers and their response to the goods of the company,

then do not hesitate to contact us.

In Brief

Choose Scheduling Worldwide services in order to

  • make wise marketing decisions,
  • evaluate your company’s performance efficiency,
  • solve existing problems.

With almost 20 years of experience, we became one of Top European CX agencies, managing about 450 projects in more than 55 countries. Our clients are world-famous brands, who prolong contracts year after year. We invite you to become a valuable member of our global service family, too. For more information about our company and services we offer, please, follow the link.

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