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April 2020
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Global Changes and Global Challenges.
Remote Work and Freelance

The world is changing. Quarantine has inspired many companies to develop. They started looking for new ways to interact with their clients and employees. Many people who had the opportunity to work from home have already appreciated all the benefits of such employment.

We believe that it is possible to improve our reality of implementing digital solutions. That’s why we launch 4testers that is aimed at helping digital brands to test their products and see them through the real customers’ eyes.

We want to tell you more about remote work and give you some tips for a better understanding if you’d like to find such a job.


✔ First and foremost, you do not need to get up early and commute in overcrowded transport.

✔ Remote work saves at least two hours a day that you would spend on getting to the office and back. So you can spend this time in a gym, with family or friends, or doing your favorite hobby if you are not a fan of a sedentary lifestyle.


The lack of face-to-face communication and the need to focus on work every time you want to lie on a couch.

As for the access to information, it is obtained faster in the office because you can ask a colleague or arrange a meeting in a few minutes.

Freelance pros:

✔ Free working schedule: a freelancer can manage his time wisely. For example, he can work till late at night but sleep longer in the morning, work on weekends but take a rest in the middle of a week. Freelance allows you doing household chores or fulfilling your business duties when you choose to.

✔ The salary entirely depends on the efforts applied: the more you work, the more you earn.

Freelance Cons:

Financial instability: the freelancers are looking for a job without assistance, and if there are no offers, their monthly income can be diminished. The most difficult part in the freelance job is to obtain the first contracts and assignments as well as to develop a reputation of a qualified and reliable specialist.

Lack of social package: unlike full-time employees who are supplied with insurance, sick leave, maternity leave, pension, and vacation, a freelancer does not possess these privileges.

Would you like to find a remote job?

Here are 3 main tips for you:

  1. Analyze your work experience and consider whether you can perform the same duties from home.
  2. Look for the vacancies on job websites and platforms, check the posts in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or ask your friends and colleagues for advice.
  3. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

If this all is just like you, you’ll probably be interested in the top companies with remote jobs in 2020 according to Glassdoor!

Find the list below, and apply while the positions are still available!

It is absolutely obvious that our new brand will be added to this list in the nearest future 😊

Take into consideration that a successful freelancer is a person with a proactive approach who is responsible for his well-being, who can manage not only his working time but his leisure, too.

Remember, “Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything,” Patrick Suskind.

If you have a desire try yourself as a tester contact us:



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