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May 2020
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Mystery Shopper: How Can He Help Today?

A mystery shopper is an important employee whose mission is to improve the service, help to objectively evaluate the staff’s performance, reward them, identify drawbacks in training, and also to monitor the quality of service, helping to identify shortcomings and correct them.

In a difficult time, it seems that mystery shopper is not a profession in demand. But we hasten to refute these factoids. More and more companies are developing their online activity, while continuing to monitor the quality of goods and services supplied. For this purpose, they need “remote mystery shoppers”.

What is the difference between secret checks online and offline? Let’s find it out.

Offline Inspections

In its classic version, a mystery shopper helps in such an important task as employee motivation. If an employee passes the test successfully, he receives a bonus. Besides, the secret visitor helps to monitor the compliance with service standards and working procedures, analyze problems and shortcomings, and correct them.

The role of a mystery shopper is indispensable as it provides an unbiased assessment of the real situations at the retail chain, and at the same time it conveys the impressions and emotions of a real visitor.

Open Audit

A lot of people perceive the audit as something negative for the employees, which results in fines and demotivation. However, the goal of the audit is quite different. Its aim is to investigate the situation at each location in order to reveal whether the prescribed standards for providing quality service are being followed.

The results of the audit allow changing those points that do not work in real conditions, to evaluate how much this or that standard actually affects the real customer’s satisfaction, as well as to get an overall picture of all locations and identify the problems of distant or new storage units. All these factors are necessary primarily for the continuous process of improving the service and working conditions for the employees.

After all, the audit provides an opened feedback from each location, which allows an employer to monitor the working process within a team and implement improvements both at the local and at the company’s level.

Application Testing

Many companies came up with a decision to realign their business into online activity or develop an alternative to their offline product. To launch a new digital product on the market, it needs to be tested first. Professional testers are to help in this case. An unbiased attitude and wide audience with various devices allow evaluating behavioral patterns when dealing with a new product. Testing is also used in order to fix the errors (bugs) before launching the official product release (website, application).

Any new digital product has a high chance to fail straight after release. However, without testing, the risk of failure is even higher due to the potential set of bugs, that often eliminates the overall idea of ​​developers and makes the product unprofitable for the company.

Online Testing

This type of check implies a number of possible programs — from online chats to phone calls, from site performance checks to online purchases of goods.

Probably, at least once each of you has experienced the fact that due to the poor functioning of a website or its terrible design you just scrolled the page and quit with a negative impression about the company. This is especially common when the network operates both with physical locations and online.

Online checks come to the following:

  • Correction of site errors;
  • Improving navigation, design and the platform’s functionality;
  • Modernization of work standards and improvement of user interaction with a company;
  • Improving content about the goods and services supplied.

Here is a real example to your attention. At one time, our global client, one of the leaders in sales, conducted regular research in the field of checking online channels of interaction with the customers. At the very beginning of our work, the level of customer satisfaction, quality of responses to the inquiries, and the quantity of customers who managed to reach the support on the phone were critically low in certain countries. At the end of each wave, and after the introduction of some changes, the results had been improved substantially.

We would like to note that the job of a mystery shopper is a matter of additional income and an opportunity to become involved in improving the service in your favorite establishments. However, at the moment, any mystery shopper can master a new direction — digital channels testing.

We have already introduced you to our new brand 4testers. This branch will be engaged exclusively in testing, and if you would like to join the team, feel free to contact us via email.

Tester skills are in demand without a doubt. Each of us is involved in the online world, and every day we get immersed in it more and more. If you want to develop the ability to look at digital products from different, completely unpredictable angles and learn how to predict user behavior, then you’ve got the right place now.




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