Post-COVID trends: what movies do people watch, books read and where do they go for a vacation
September 2020
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Post-Сovid Trends: Movies, Books, and Trips

The post-COVID era — what is it like? It seems to be the time of uncertainty because it is impossible to predict future long-term changes. As mystery shopping providers, we have launched new mystery shopper programs, digital marketing research, and retail audits. We are trying to adapt to the external changes that give rise to both new problems and new opportunities. But let’s start with the simplest thing — where do people spend their leisure, where do they fly, what books do they read? Let’s turn to the statistics.


To begin with, we would like to mention that there is a list of countries with open borders that are ready to invite tourists. Of course, if you are going on vacation or for a weekend, do not forget about the rules of hygiene and sanitary standards!

Obviously, you scrolled your Instagram feed and saw the photos of your friends relaxing on the beach, sunbathing, and enjoying a beautiful mountain view. Well, according to a recent survey (btw, if you consider becoming a mobile app tester, contact us ), 20% of respondents admitted that they felt sad when viewing other people’s travel photos, 15% mentioned irritation, and 8% felt envy. So, what about us? Right! Domestic tourism! Just check out how many beautiful and yet unknown places there are in your country! Get in your car and go for a spin exploring your magic country!


It is no secret that the restaurant industry is suffering multimillion-dollar losses all over the world. Of course, there is no doubt the HoReCa world will change. Only the most flexible companies will stay afloat.

During quarantine, most establishments worked only for delivery and take-away orders to survive. Many restaurants developed anti-crisis plans for the post-quarantine period. And little by little, cafes and restaurants start opening their doors to the visitors. Now, summer terraces have become very popular because most people prefer to sit outside enjoying meals and nature. Food festivals and movie theaters are also functioning.


For those lucky people who worked remotely and stayed home during the coronavirus pandemic, there was an opportunity to read, watch and listen to all the works of art that as you always said you wanted to read but were lacking time. We have discovered the top 3 most popular books during the pandemic:

  • Boccaccio’s ‘Decameron’, set during the plague that we have since called the Black Death, seems like a good place to start.
  • Crowdsourcing Paris by Joe Bunting. If you lack the thrill of travel, ‘Travel Memories’ is the perfect book for you. Take a look at the sights of Paris with Joe Bunting’s crowdsourcing adventure.
  • ‘Untamed’ By Glennon Doyle. ‘Untamed’ is an exploration of happiness, joy, and peace we find when we stop caving in to meet society’s expectations.

Books are not just a way to escape from the outside world, but also a way to explore the past and dream about the future. Also, a book can help us find answers to the most intimate questions. This is probably why a book became more than just a material object for us during the quarantine.


Well, how not to mention the movies about infections, epidemics, and isolation. You probably know them all and have watched them. That is why we decided to make a list of smash hits that were released during the quarantine.

  • Jumanji: The Next Level — Action, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Little Women — Drama, Melodrama
  • Gemini Man — Action, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Motherless Brooklyn — Drama, Crime
  • Ford v. Ferrari — Biopic, Action, Drama, Sports Film
  • Knives Out — Drama, Crime
  • Richard Jewell — Biopic, Drama


Of course, quarantine and pandemic are a reason not only to think about your health but also to support and improve it. More and more people started to go in for sports, monitor their diet, and pursue an active lifestyle in general. Running, yoga, water activities, cycling, traveling to the natural park, and observing the fauna, recreation, hiking — choose whatever you like!



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