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October 2019
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The benefits of working as a mystery shopper
in Scheduling

The main task of a mystery shopper is to inspect the organization, company, employee for compliance with service standards and to improve its quality. Sometimes mystery shopper is hired in order to study the competitors’ service. 

A mystery shopper can also be an ordinary person who has never worked in such a role before. A mystery shopper can assess the quality of service provided in a wide range of industries. It can be a retail brand, beauty salons, cafeterias, restaurants, petrol stations, etc. A visit can be paid to any place where the service is provided and where management is interested in improving it.

Project work lasts for some period of time from a few weeks to several months. It can be a one-time visit, or it can be a long-term job. Scheduling has mystery shoppers who have been working on projects for several years. They are required to make one visit per month on average. If they have the necessary skills and enough spare time, they can work on several projects at once.

In order to be able to work properly, a mystery shopper should treat the object of the study with justice in order to submit an objective report. A mystery shopper, who fits the research conditions, studies the instructions for the project and considers the legend of his visit.

Imagine that you need to visit an electronics store. You have a specific scenario that is posted in your personal cabinet. You should follow it. Let’s say that according to it you decided to buy household appliances and pop into the store to check out the price and pick up a specific product. All of the specifications, that you will request from the seller, are also mentioned in the guideline (scenario). In order to evaluate the quality of service provided to you, you should have a cell phone with a camera to take a photo of the presented goods. Due to the legend, you need to discuss the purchase with your spouse. And since you came alone, you need to take a photo to show the product. Do not be afraid to take an extra photo. Often there are clear requirements for a visit – one of them is a quality photo or video material.

Try to do everything that is prescribed in the guidelines. After all, to get paid for a visit you need to meet all the requirements and follow the instructions. Clear up everything you do not understand with our employee, who is assigned to the project.

What can be considered as a violation of the guidelines:

  1. Violation of the script – if you depart from the legend, spelled out in your guidelines.
  2. If you reveal yourself, the staff should never guess that you are a mystery shopper.
  3. If you spend less time at the location than specified in the guidelines.

Regardless of the method of verification used by a mystery shopper, he must prepare a report on the service provided to him. To do this, he fills in the details of the visit in a special form. There is no need to invent anything. You just need to answer the existing questions.

During your visit, you should pay attention to a number of parameters that will help you to prepare a visit report. These may vary from project to project and from area to area.

Here are some approximate parameters that are usually worth looking at:

  • The staff skills of work with the customers;
  • Etiquette compliance (whether the company representative has said hello);
  • Appearance of the staff;
  • Cleanliness in the hall/ lounge;
  • Service rate;
  • Compliance with work standards;
  • Product/ service expertise, etc.

The work of a mystery shopper has become an inseparable part of improving the quality of service. Making visits to the shops, gas stations, restaurants, cafes and salons you do more than just records of performance. Basically, you give direct recommendations to business owners who want their customers to be always satisfied.

In addition, there is a number of advantages in the work of a mystery shopper:

  1. Uniqueness – If in your city, country or region there are no more mystery shoppers, then you have no competitors and you can choose any location or project to visit.
  2. Bonuses – a) You get bonuses for qualitative completion of the questionnaire after a visit (if you fill in the questionnaire in time and in full); b) If you bring a friend, you also receive an additional bonus of 2 Euros for this.
  3. Reimbursement – You are paid back for the purchases that may be useful in your daily life (these may include clothing, food, toys for children, etc.), and you may also receive services.
  4. Remote projects – The advantage is that you can do remote checks – calls, emails, etc. – without leaving your home or interrupting your main business. You can combine this work with the main one.
  5. Large sample of projects – The more skills you have, the more likely you are to get an interesting and highly paid project. The main skills can be language skills, work in a similar field, availability of electronics, car, even marital status.

Scheduling takes care of all its employees. As a mystery shopper, you become part of a team and can give recommendations on your work. You have the inside knowledge, so to speak.

Let’s make the service all over the world better together!





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