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March 2020
3 Min

The First Rule of Mystery Shopping Club:
Always Leave Your Feedback

As customers, usually, we have great expectations about the service we are going to receive. However, as it goes in one famous song, ”You can’t always get what you want!”

Consumers would greatly contribute to changing service for better if they spent a little time and share their customer experience.

The mystery shopping program is aimed at identifying weak points in service quality and employee performance. That is why it is extremely important that secret agents fulfill their duty to the full extent.

So, welcome to the Club and do not hesitate to join the Mystery Shoppers Community — a place where you meet like-minded people, find and share useful information in the sphere.

It is very much appreciated to leave your personal opinion about the good or bad service you’ve experienced. This will help others to better understand what to pay special attention to during the inspections, and while completing the surveys afterward.

Here we go, and the story is:

“The service was fantastic, and the employees were very thoughtful and responsive. It was really nice to see that all of them were wearing the same uniform, which helped me quickly find out whom to approach if any questions came up. However, there were some issues that upset me during my visit. I smelled cigarette smoke from the backyard of the station. It is dangerous to smoke there! I appealed to a manager and expressed my indignation. The manager politely listened to me and assured me that he would do his best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Hopefully, such a situation will not occur again! I am a frequent visitor at this station, and I want to know that it is a safe place for everyone.”

Many thanks to this brave person, who decided to leave his feedback!

If you have a story about the best or the worst service experience in your life – feel free to send it to us, and that will be our duty to publish that!




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