MSPA Fights for Your Hand - Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service Group
March 2020
4 Min

MSPA Fights for Your Hand

Today, all over the world Mystery Shopping technology is considered to be one of the most effective tools to improve the level of service. This project is supplied by dozens of specialized agencies, united in one International Association of the Mystery Shopper Program Providers — MSPA.

How is this abbreviation expanded? If you are familiar with “Mystery Shopping”, then you have definitely met this letter combination before. But, perhaps, now you hear about this organization for the first time. What is the role of this association specifically towards a mystery shopper? Let’s figure it out together!

Thus, MSPA is one of the largest Mystery Shopping service providers in the world. Nowadays, MSPA unites more than 450 member companies worldwide. Membership in this organization is the guarantor of project compliance with quality standards and ethical principles. Scheduling is a member of MSPA, too.

This means that our work standards are developed in accordance with generally accepted international standards of the Mystery Shopper service provider. This is not just prestigious for us as a company, the most important thing is guarantees for our mystery shoppers.

Every year Scheduling acknowledges its status as a member of MSPA. The company devotes a lot of time to developing and improving cooperation with mystery shoppers: new tools for our interaction with you are constantly being developed and existing ones are being improved. And thanks to the MSPA, in particular, we have an opportunity to exchange similar tools with colleagues, learn their opinions, and exchange experiences in order to improve our work.

Besides, MSPA has its own lawbook! Yes, exactly as the codes of musketeers, Barcelona football club or Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”.

How it promotes benefits for you:

  • It obliges us as an agency to provide you with all the necessary instructions and other information for the quality performance of duties.
  • All mystery shoppers must receive an agreed payment for every completed project.
  • Mystery shoppers must be informed in writing about the payment process and project schedule, as well as the consequences of conducting agreed inspections, not in accordance with the instructions, including the consequences of dismissing any agreed inspection.

Summarizing all the above, meeting the MSPA standards leads to a high percentage of compliance with requirements and, in general, contributes to an increase in the level of service quality.

One of the advantages of this global organization is that it is a huge platform for the experience exchange, both for the agencies and mystery shoppers.

We would like to diversify the communication of our mystery shoppers, increase their level of knowledge in the field of mystery shopping, and help them to learn more about the association that regulates our cooperation. Feel free to visit the MSPA forum and find useful information. Stay in touch with us and other mystery shoppers! Let’s expand the boundaries of great service together!



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