The importance of first test visits for the customer service in mystery shopping
August 2020
4 Min

The Importance of First Test Visits

The world is quitting quarantine day by day, and all spheres of life are adjusting to the new conditions of post COVID. As a large customer experience research agency, Scheduling Worldwide keeps abreast of all world changes and keeps track of events on the entire global market. We invite you to discover something new and read our exciting article about employee journey mapping HERE.

We really want each of our mystery shoppers to become part of the customer service mystery shopping and be an unrivaled experienced customer auditor. That is why we decided to raise an important topic — the first test visit. Do you know what it is? What is the purpose and why is it so important? Let’s also discuss many other interesting points you should know before starting real mystery checks. So move it!

What are test visits types?

A test visit is a mystery visit/call / online check of a website that you must conduct before starting your full-time mystery shopper job.

There are 3 types of first test checks:

  • online check (of a website, application, payment system);
  • mystery call;
  • a real mystery visit to the store, cafe, supermarket or any other establishment that you would like to check and improve the service there.

We do not oblige you to make a specific test visit. You can choose any location and test check type that suits you best.

How to apply for a test visit and how to check if it is appointed?

As soon as your personal coordinator of mystery checks registers you on our website, a test visit will automatically be assigned to your login. You will need to contact your coordinator and clarify what type of check you want to carry out (a call, a visit, or an online check). After all the details have been agreed, you can start the inspection.

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What is the purpose of test visits? What are they for?

Test visits are important for us and for you first and foremost. Mystery shopping is a very interesting pastime! But it doesn’t suit everyone. You must understand that each real project has its own instructions and rules to comply with, and requires specific artifacts. In order to make sure that you are ready for real mystery visits that are very important for an experienced customer researcher, you need to make a test visit.

Other details

  • Like all mystery visits, test visits have a deadline that you should discuss with your personal coordinator.
  • After conducting a test visit, you are also required to provide mandatory artifacts (photos, screenshots, etc.) — all information is available in a short instruction to the questionnaire.
  • If you have any questions, you can always contact your coordinator, and he will help you out.
  • You should fill out a questionnaire on our website within 8 hours after inspection.
  • Once you complete the questionnaire and send it, it will be verified by our validators. After verification, you will receive an email with the test results.

Having successfully completed a test check, you can proceed with real, interesting, and amazing mystery visits!



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