Do you like high level of Service and hate bad service as much as we?
Share your experience about level of service in different Industries in your country!
We guess that you have many thoughts, opinions and experiences that you can share with us!
And we, in turn, will give you a prize for this!

We hold a unique contest, the conditions of which are probably the most simple ever!
All you need to do is to share your experience by filling out a questionnaire!✍
Questions in the questionnaire concern different spheres of business. They are very simple and interesting! You need exactly 4 minutes to fill it!
Cool, isn’t it?
But the most interesting is that we will launch our project in the field, which will receive a larger number of completed questionnaires based on your activities!

As you can see, everything depends on you!

As soon as we receive 1500 filled questionnaires survey, we will determine the main prize owner between the authors of completed questionnaires – hoverboard with the help of service. Moreover, the more questionnaires you fill, the more chances you have to win!

If you don’t have profile in Shopmetrics: your link to survey (1 click) .

If you have profile in Shopmetrics:

▪Log in Shopmetrics
▪Click on Open Vacancies
▪ Find a visit with the name “Fill the survey, upload receipt and you can receive Hoverboard for your review! Take you chance!”
▪ Click the button Apply
▪ Fulfill the questionnaire