How long have you been working as a mystery shopper?
I am working as mystery shopper from 2016.

How would you describe your work style during the visits?
I am very focused shopper on the services and meticulous which each detail but very discreet.

Have you had unusual or funny cases during the visits?
Yes, I had a few unusual and unpleasant visits.

If you had the opportunity to give advice to all service companies, what advice would you give?
To have as more as they can have trained and qualified people for all type of services.

Do you have a dream to make a visit to a certain company? Or to use a certain service as a mystery shopper?
Yes. I would like to be able to travel more and to make visits at BMW in München, Germany
Did you notice that the service in the establishment you checked earlier became better?
Is true that the services overall became better where I made visits.

What is the most important criterion in service quality for you?
The most important criteria from quality service point of view is to equilibrate as each visit is different. But is very important to be polite and a pro in your domain.

What advice would you give to the future mystery shopper of Scheduling Worldwide?
Feel free and do not think at the mystery shopper as a job or a must. Everyone needs better services and good people around us.