Dear Mystery Shoppers!

We would like to inform you, that the process of assignment to visits and approval of visits with your coordinator became more accessible and simplified.

For your convenience, we inform you, that you have a unique opportunity to assign the visits by yourself!

How does it work?

Log in to the system and click on the “open opportunities”, you can find it the left side of your profile.

Take a look at all current projects and read the instructions for every project, you want to take part in.

Choose the number of visits / projects, that you can make during the week. (If you are planning to make your visits during 6 days, in the first 3 days you have to complete 50% of the visits and in the next 3 days the remaining 50%).

Specify the date for each planned visit (If you have any changes, concerning the days of the visits or other questions/changes, please, inform your coordinator about it)

After you have chosen the visits and put down the date for each of them, click on the function “Self-assignment” and all visits will be assigned to you automatically. You shouldn’t wait for confirmation from your coordinator.

Additional important information

You can use the function “Self-assignment”, if your rating is higher than 8,3 points and you have previously performed more than 3 visits. You may see your rating by scrolling down to the bottom while on Home page.

Pay attention, that in the System there is the actual cost of the visit.

Please contact your coordinator if you have any questions.